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  IFC is pioneer in China to India cargo service agent since 2014 with office in Guangzhou YIwu Foshan Delhi Mumbai Kolkatta Chennai.


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Our Services


  1. Goods Sourcing

  2. Finding Reliable Suppliers

  3. payment to suppliers

  4. Cargo consolidation in our China warehouses in Guangzhou or Yiwu

  5. Cargo Inspection and claims filing

  6. Shipping to India BY Air or sea everyday.

  7. Custom Clearance and duty payment in India (You need not have a IEC code, we can do it for you)

  8. Final delivery to customer door destination.05

Company Information

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Frequently Asked Questions About Importing From China IFC provides A-Z services regarding import from china with its 15+ years experience in this trade and catering to need of over 1000 importers wholesalers retailers in India. Here you will find all your answers for importing goods from china.
1. We can find suppliers from various trade web sites so shall we pay for your service? Why should we choose your service?

Answer 1. IFC is the most experienced and professional logistics partner with more than 15 years of experience and catered to almost 1000+ importers in India with complaint level of less than 0.5% .
We have offices 8 offices in china , hk and india , so it’s easy for you to communicate anytime . We can provide a-z services in relation to trade from china .
For our reference you may check our client testimonials on our website :
2. We found a Chinese supplier who will source product at a cheaper price then you. Why should not I use their service?

Answer-2 : you can choose chinese suppliers for sourcing and let us do the logistics .
It’s better not to depend on chinese for door to door service as they won’t be able to handle custom clearance or managing complex indian laws.
3. What product can you source?

Answer-3 : we can source any product as we have been dealing with almost every industry in last 15 years
4. Is there any minimum order quantity?

Answer-4: there is no moq , we have daily shipments moving from china to india , so we can club your goods in our bulk shipments and pass on benefit of bulk buying to you .
5. How will you work with me?

Ans-5 : we can negotiate our terms on type of services required by you , you can avail our full service from sourcing to door delivery or you can source yourself and let us handle the logistics part .
6. I am planning to buy furniture from the wholesale market.

Ans-6 there is a big wholesale market for furniture in foshan city , lecong town . You can buy your home villa office or hotel furniture from there , it will save you 40-50% of your budget cost . IFC has a office in this city and can help sourcing for best furniture available in china at reasonable prices.
7. Can you offer warehouse facility?

Ans-7 yes we can provide you warehouse facility in china and india
8. How do you charge? What are your service fee?

Ans-8 : our charges are explained on our website www.imports from
9. How do I pay supplier?

Ans-9: we act as your payment agent , hou can pay us locally in india and we make sure that your suppliers get secure payment in usd or cny as they might need .
10. What is the lead time for delivery from suppliers?

Ans-10 : normally suppliers take 5-15 days depending on your quantity , for small retail quantities they have ready stocks available
11. How do you ship?

Ans-11 : we ship by sea and by air
12. I am planning a trip to China. Where do I start?

Ans-12 : to start with , you will need a visa and we help you to make a itinerary depending upon your buying requirements . Our team in china will take care for your transportation , stay , market or factory visit with english translation support available 24x7 while you are in china.
13. I do not want to involve myself into the import process. Can you import on our behalf?
Ans-13 : yes it’s very normal , we act as importer also and give you goods in india as if you are making a local buying within india .

14. Do I need a import code Iec or import lisence?

Ans-14 : no it’s not required , we can import in our Iec and deliver you as a indian local sale on a gst bill
15. How long does it take for goods to reach from china to India ?

Ans-15 : by sea normal time is required is 35-50 days depending which city you are in

By air time required is 7-12 days depending on your city
16. How much does it cost to import goods from China to India ?

Ans-16: costs are not very high by sea , rough estimate is 25% to 45% depending on the duty and prevalent freight at time of import .
For by air additional rs.350-400 per kg over above cost .
For information you may check our website :
17. Can we import from China to India 2021?

Answer-17 : yes we can import in 2021 , there are no restrictions on chinese import from from
Last 20 years of my personal experience and it shall run smoothly in next 100 years until India and china are part of WTO .
Only some items from china can be restricted that harm indian industry, but as general there is was will be no restrictions.
18. How do I start importing goods from China?
Ans-18 : we have explained in our YouTube video :

19. How to import electronics from China to India ?
Ans-19 : electronics is like any other item , it’s easy to import , just a few compliance of Bluetooth & battery products , but that’s piece of cake when IFC is your logistic partner.

20. Can you manage approved BIS WPC ADC Legal Metrology and other legal complaiance ?
Ans-20: yes we help you get all basic approvals that might be required in course of your product import , you just place order in china , rest you can leave up to us
Our motto : You buy we deliver .

21. India customs is a big problem sometimes , what’s the guarantee that we don’t have to bear extra cost or face any demurrage and detention costs of the port ?

Ans-21 : at IFC we guarantee in advance for your duty amount and clearance cost . If any extra charge due to custom delay or duty raise , we will bear the cost for that .
With over 15 years of our experience in dealing customs department in India you can Keep calm we have got this covered for you .




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