Dedham Chair Natural Woven Rattan/Natural Fiber/Wicker

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Dedham Chair Natural Woven Rattan/Natural Fiber/Wicker
Handcrafted Natural Rattan Chair made in Jepara.
Add Natural Rattan Chair to your indoor space with this lovely crafted chair! This chair features a lightweight iron, aluminum , Rattan or Wooden frame ( as picture product or To Be Advise ) with skillfully woven rattan seating ( as picture product or To Be Advise ). The curved back along with the rattan seating assists in keeping you comfortable. The protective plastic feet prevent damage to flooring. The frame is designed for all-weather use making it a great option for indoor and outdoor settings. For longevity, care should be taken to protect from long periods of wet weather.
Be a smart buyer to get the best for you. We care about the interests of our customers and are work-oriented. Adult size wicker armchair. We introduce new large chair for adults. The furniture is very well made from polished wicker
Crafted by an experienced craftsman with attention to detail. It would be nice to look at your room or Terrace
Write what color you need, we can make the color you want. This velor tufted cushion was created for your perfect morning and for your soft and fluffy feelings!
Type: Cushion for chairs, armchairs, rattan chairs
Color: chromium green, gray, brown, (all colors are shimmer)
These colors are very rare and beautiful!
Material frame of chair : Iron, Alumunium,Wood, Rattan natural ( as picture product or To Be Advise )
Material Weaving : Rattan Natural, Wicker Syntetic, Natural Fiber ( as picture product or To Be Advise )
All our cushions, pillows and mattresses are made in INDONESIA. We have been creating for you our unforgettable quality soft pillows and mattresses for 10 years!. Ships worldwide from Jepara-INDONESIA. We can do any size of cushions for you to order!
It is made from natural rattan, class A – ECO-friendly material, which comes to us from Indonesia. If you want to make your home cozy and beautiful or having idea with your product to order? Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. We guarantee – all questions will be solved very quickly.
All our products are made from the natural materials.That`s why the color of any rattan item may look slightly different (brighter/lighter/darker). It also depends on the settings of your monitor. If you have any doubts, please contact us to confirm the color.

Imagine your perfect day! Waking up early in the morning, you go to the kitchen, make coffee and sit on our soft pillow in your chair. There is your lovely pet in the corner of the room, and it feels good and warm, because it lies on our soft pillow. The weekend comes after the working week with a pleasant time with the family, you are having breakfast on the terrace in comfortable rattan chairs softened by our pillows, you are swimming in the pool and relaxing in the sun on deckchairs with our soft mattresses and imagine yourself reading a pleasant novel and slowly swinging on a swing with our soft mattresses and pillows under the neck. This is definitely a dream! Is not it?

It is a great gift for many occasion such as housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, Valentine's days, anniversary or simply as a gift for him or for her anytime of the year.
All our products are made of FLEGT-licensed teak from Indonesia. The legality of the teak in our products is assured through Indonesia's national timber legality assurance system (SVLK) and FLEGT licensing scheme. FLEGT-licensed timber is considered to fully comply with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). EUTR 995/2010 prohibit illegally harvested timber and timber-based products from being placed onto European markets.
We are able to accept purchase orders and issue pro-forma invoices for open account transactions. To send us a purchase order, simply get in touch with us at +62-816710042 ( WhatsApp active ) or send us an email to and let us know your requirements.

Made from natural material with the world evolving to become more eco-friendly, this product is the vanguard of that effort, it is 100% eco-friendly.


Material : Rattan base and fabric shade ( To Be Advise depending on buyer's request )
Color: Natural and white
Features : natural look

Additional Information
For indoor use only
Note: Not suitable for halogen light globes
Care instructions: Clean according to given instructions
Warranty: 12 months
Our collection of handmade minimalist lamps are not only beautiful night lamps for bedrooms but also a great for farmhouse office decor.

Product packaging

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Company Profile

Art Classic International CV – established in 2006 – supporting the needs of overseas buyers of Indonesian furniture and
handicraft. We cater to commercial and private buyers. We are specialist suppliers to Importers of furniture and handicraft, hotels, resorts, interior decorators and designers, contractors and developers, villa owners, wholesalers and retailers of teak wood furniture, rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture as well as soft furnishings, furniture and handicraft, stone and stone carvings, synthetic rattan, teak outdoor furniture – we specialize in custom designs. We provide the Professional / Commercial buyers with complete product sourcing services for a diverse range of Indonesian products. Whether from your design or from our catalog. If you are a personal shopper, looking for teak furniture, rattan furniture, Jeparanese furnishings, artwork, and accessories to furnish your home, we can certainly assist. We operate PERSONAL SHOPPING SERVICES to cater to the needs of private buyers who need assistance to source and ship for their homes. Renovations and home makeovers are EASY with Art Classic International CV. Please email us for details of how to arrange your personal shopping trip. Art Classic International CV is committed to promoting high quality products at the best prices. We aim to provide a platform for thousands of skillful people, many of who live in remote villages and who don’t have direct access to the market to sell their goods.
We are an expert sourcing agent in Jepara with many years of experience. We provide the expertise to meet the growing demands in the furniture and handicraft business also accomplished many projects from private luxury villas to prestigious resorts all around the world. We have successfully accomplished many projects from private luxury villas resorts all around the world. We always provide top quality services that meet all the requirements of our customers.
Our services as an expert sourcing agent can help you in all stages of your business and project We have many decent supplier partners and with proven quality. Because all of our supplier partners have been selected through a super-tight selection to become the most powerful SME fostered in Indonesia, namely LPEI Indonesia EximBank. And we are appointed by the Indonesia EximBank LPEI agency as a team of management, business legality, design development, production and quality and export marketing for the LPEI Indonesia EximBank assisted SMEs, totaling dozens of SMEs. So if you entrust sourcing and buying agent to us, it means you have found furniture and handicraft sourcing in one step and one roof. We are also currently working with non-profit organizations in Helsinki, Finland (Finnpartnership – Finnish Business Partnership Program and Findolainen Business Hub) in partnership programs with several importing companies from Europe, especially from the Balkans and the Nordic region. Please browse our product pages, book a buying trip or personal shipping service or simply email us with details of what you’re looking for sources and we’ll be happy to assist.


Who we are?
Art Classic International CV strives to provide services for clients with the most professional sourcing and order management services in Indonesia. We have worked with LPEI Financial Institutions Bank Indonesia Exim Bank and a non-profit organization from Helsinki Finland on an export promotion program for the European region. We have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian export market and are proud of our business roots in Indonesia. Our clients recognize the added value and additional services we provide and that is why we have so many old clients and regular customers. Because the security and convenience of working with us is more secure and you can easily communicate with us at any time either to coordinate your order or just discuss for the development of your custom design in the future.

Identity & Mission
Art Classic International CV caters to the needs of wholesale, retail and hospitality buyers from around the world who provide sourcing, sample development, order management, quality control, shipping, and special order fulfillment services. Founded in 2006, Art Classic International CV is a company registered in Indonesia with offices in Jepara, Central Java. Whether from visiting suppliers with our team, from our extensive catalog of more than 500 products or from your special design, we strive to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices on the market. We do business with retail and wholesale clients, restaurants, resort and hotel companies, interior designers and project managers, as well as procurement companies that require specialized products and services. We are an innovative and ethical company and work closely with our local communities throughout Indonesia to promote the furniture and home accessory industry in Indonesia and its legacy. We have worked with LPEI Financial Institutions Bank Indonesia Exim Bank and a non-profit organization from Helsinki Finland on an export promotion program for the European region. We have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian export market and are proud of our business roots in Indonesia.

Why work with us?
We understand that we are not the only sourcing and buying agent out there, and that you have a variety of options when selecting a partner. Please check out our Questions To Ask Your Buying Agent resource as a minimum standard guide when selecting a buying agent. Here’s why we feel you’ll be making the smart choice by working with us:

Since 2006, Art Classic International CV has assisted businesses of all sizes with their sourcing and buying needs. If you have worked with other agents before and found yourself walking them through the process, you will understand what difference a professional and experienced team makes. Let our experience guide you through the process of sourcing from Indonesia. The greatest evidence of experience and professionalism is in the clients that a company has worked with and even more importantly retains. Check out our client list here for reliable online references.

Art Classic International CV raises the bar for sourcing and buying agents in that we are a professional organization with first-class facilities, products and services. Unlike many outfits in Indonesia that may be part-time interests, we are here 24
hours a day to respond to our customers’ needs. Our first-time customers are often astounded by our attention to detail and level at communication.

Quality & Value
At Art Classic Indonesia, we do not believe that quality and price are mutually exclusive. Our extensive network of suppliers and producer groups throughout Indonesia enables us to source and manufacture any product to your price requirements. Our experienced team rigorously quality controls every order to ensure your investments meet your long-term value goals. Our customers regularly comment that the quality of product they receive from us far exceeds their expectations. If you want pleasant surprises only, work with us.

Transparency & Flexibility
At Art Classic International CV we objectively pursue the interests of our customers at all times. We have no affiliation with any Manufacturer or trading group in Indonesia, so our recommendations are not based on any specific special relationships. All of our fees and costs are made clear before we begin working with our customers so you will never see any unexpected charges creeping into your final invoices. We also understand that buyers are wary when working with a buying agent for the first time, particularly one based in a foreign country such as Indonesia. We are happy to provide whatever information and/or assurances you need including client references as needed.

Peace of Mind
Not only do we manage your orders from start to finish, we make sure that you do not need to worry about any ethical issues surrounding from where your products come from. Our company with the have been fostered by the Indonesia Exim Bank LPEI Financial Institution and other non-profit based organizations on export promotion programs from Helsinki Finland, for over 12 years developing ethical trading standards and improving the working conditions of producer groups across Indonesia. Art Classic International CV customers have the peace of mind of knowing that these same ethical trading standards are present in every item they source with us.

Why Join Us ?
Our company is connected to the internet, as a customer of Art Classic International CV you can access production data of your order, propose change while it possible and adjust the priority of each item.
How do we order furniture and handicraft from you? The simplest way to do it is just visit our online catalog, send us the list of item codes that you want us to quote, and we will send you a quotation within 24 hours. You can then modify this quotation, i.e. modifying the quantity number, the size (dimension) of the items, the finish colors, and then send back to us. We will then reply to you again with the modifying you requested.

Is there any minimum order quantity ?
For retail and wholesale trade, there’s no minimum order.

How many days of delivery if I placed my order?
60 days for first initial/trial order after receiving deposit payment. Afterward, 12 x 40′ FCL can be shipped every month based on regular order.

What about Payment Terms?
50 % deposit should be wired upon order confirmation, and 50% must be paid at the time of shipment or
delivery / before we send all documents.

Do you ship your products worldwide and what about freight forwarder and shipping?
We will sincerely help you arranging the shipment. We are in very good cooperation with many reliable freight forwarders and shipping lines. We can get the best rate and service on this. Or, you are pleased to nominate the forwarder or shipping lines on your side. Can I order my furniture in a different finish than shown? Yes, it is possible to order furniture with different color as our usual and standard color as shown on our finishes. Therefore we do need a sample of board with specific color requested to avoid any mismatch. When we receive your sample, we will remake those sample and send them back to you. Please contact us for further assistance.

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