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Mica Flakes




There are three grades of MICA FLAKES which are normally used for specific purposes:

(1) Coarse Mica Flakes: Suitably used for sealing openings. Apparent density = 0.17kg/ltr. Particle Size : Max 10% retained on 9.50mm B.S.Sieve. Material retained on Sieve 4.75mm + material passed through 1.70 mm = 30-40% Max.

(2) Medium Mica Flakes : Generally used to combate mild circulation in porous formations. Apparent density=0.18 kg/ltr. Particle size: Max 10 % retained on 3.35 mm B.S.Sieve. Material retained on 1.70 mm + material passed through Sieve 0.425 mm = 30-40% Max.

(3) Fine Mica Flakes : Suitable for use when a sealing agent is needed to be small enough to pass through a shaker screen without interfering with the operations. Apparent density=0.20 kg/ltr. Particle size : Nil retained on 0.850 mm B.S.Sieve. Matertial retained on Sieve 0.425 mm + material passed through sieve 0.15 mm = 30-40% Max.

We is one of the world's largest producer of Muscovite Mica. We are engaged in large volume production and are capable to enter into long term contract with our customers at most competitive price. we could guarantee supply of a consistent high quality product. No matter what be your requirement, we are very well placed to supply, 'what you need and when you need them', to your complete satisfaction.
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Mica Flakes
 Type  Mica Flakes
 Place of Origin India
 Brand Name MLS
 Application  Decorations
 Supply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces Per Month
 Packaging Details Cardboard Box, As Per Buyer Choice
 Payment Option L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T,PayPal 

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Makhan Lal Sangai are specialised manufacturers and exporters of all types of mica and mica products since 1950. We manufacture a full range of mica insulating products.


Our products include : Mica flakes, mica powder, mica scraps, mica splittings, bookform mica splittings, ruby mica blocks all sizes and grades, mica thins, Micanite products, flexible mica sheets silicone bonded class H, mica tapes, mica tubes, nomex micasheets, glass mica sheets, polyester mica plates, hot moulding mica, mica products for art craft etc.


Mica shields for gauge glasses in liquid level indicator, mica discs scratchless. MICA FOR LAMP SHADES & DECORATIVE PURPOSES Mica Tapes, Mica Tubes, Corrugated Mica Our Aim is customer satisfaction through product excellence.


Highly experienced technicians and skilled work force ensure total quality controll at every stage of production, thereby ensuring supply of a consistent quality products confirming International standards. Authenticated and Audited.



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Our Goal Is To Make Your Life Easier And For This We Use A 3 Step Process:


Top Quality Packing So That Your Goods Reach You Safely
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We Are Specialized Manufacturers And Exporters Of All Types Of Mica And Mica Products Since 1950. Our Years Of Experience Directly Benefits You As A Guarantee Of Professionalism In Our Service.

Our Expertise In Global Trade Gives Us An Edge In Serving You.


We Manufacture A Full Range Of Mica Insulating Products.


You As A Customer Are Our Top Priority And Developing A Long Term Relationship With You Is What We Aim For.

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