Excellent flexible corrugated tubing with non-adhesiveness TOMBO No.9003-RPL

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In addition to the features of our NAFLON PTFE Tubing, NAFLON RPL Tubing has a spiral-shaped groove. This provides excellent flexibility, a small bending radius, low friction, and non-adhesivity. It also allows minimum loss of fluid from pressure and minimum attahcment of fluid on the inner walls.

・Excellent flexibility

・Material : PTFE
・Service temperature range : -40℃~200℃
・Maximum usage pressure :

■Standard sizes / properties

End sizes come in two types, an inner-diameters standard(I), and an outer-diameter standard (O), according to the application.
・Inner diameter standard tubing (I)
These tubing can be connected with pipes inside the tubing. These tubing can be connected with glass, metal and resin pipes.
・Outer diameter standard tubing (O)
These tubing are suitable when using tubing joints. As for the end shapes, three types of structures are available according to the application.
Please use Type B or C when using fluoropolymer tubing joints.

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NICHIAS Corporation was founded in 1896 as a pioneer in thermal insulation materials. For more than a century, NICHIAS has achieved growth by Insulation and Protection technologies which consist of six core elemental technologies that include sealing, thermal insulation, soundproofing, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion as well as clean. These six technologies help protect our natural environment. For example, insulation technologies help reduce CO2 emissions and are energy efficient, while sealing technologies prevent environmental pollution.

”TOMBO"(dragonfly) is a registered trademark or trademark of NICHIAS Corporation.

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