High top italian quality Chickpeas organic italian in kg food and beverage chick peas for supermarkets

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Chickpeas| 250 g
Chickpeas are source of proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. They preserve the health of our heart thanks to the presence of
omega-3 fats. Chickpeas are rich of fiber, they guarantee intestinal regularity and increase the sense of satiety. For a well-balanced diet may be taken with whole grains. To promote iron absorption chickpeas can be garnished with lemon juice.
Chickpeas are excellent to prepare soups or hummus, nourishing seasoning instead of high-calorie sauces.

Company Profile

Citrus- l'Orto Italiano was born in 2015 in Cesena and was founded by Marianna Palella, CEO, and her mother Paola Pappalardo, General Manager. Brand guarantees quality and supply chain's rigor bringing fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables with high nutritional value to the market. Citrus, discoverer of veg talents and precious niche products of our territories, brings on the shelves of the fruit and vegetable department exclusively 100% Italian and sustainable products. Among our product we include zero-residue cereal and legumes (plant protection product residues are less than 0.01 mg/kg), organic ginger, herbs and spices, saffron, Sicilian lemons, oranges and Calabrian bergamots untreated on the surface; zero km peaches (from Emilia Romagna),pears, garlic, and broccoli.

Our Team

Citrus was born from the union and synergy of two women, a mother and a daughter: on the one hand, the experience in the fruit and vegetable sector of Paola Pappalardo (55 years old), and on the other, the passion (and studies) of Marianna Palella (28 years old) for marketing, communication and graphics.The team is mainly composed by women and under 30 people. Many of them entered in Citrus like their first working experience. Citrus has opened its doors to passionate young people and people who are willing, enthusiastic, positive and able to work as a team. In the company, transparency is maximum and everyone collaborates.

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Telephone and Whatsapp: +39 3480581291
Facebook: Citrus- L'Orto Italiano
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