High Italian Quality Occaffe 1 kg Smooth And Mild Taste Ethiopian Coffee Beans For Coffee Shops

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Product Overview


Product Description

Cafè Creme 70% Robusta 30% Arabica O'CCAFFE'
Soft, smooth and mild with an exceptionally intense flavour, Cafè Crème attracts everyone's attention because of its golden crema

Our Quality Process

The coffee is roasted gently and slowly for 17 - 20 minutes in hot air , at about 220°C
Our coffee is not processed industrially and has no additives.
Our company is certified according to ISO 9001 and IFS

Where are Cafè Creme coffee beans from?

Cafè Creme coffee beans are from India, Vietnam and Ethiopia.

Packing & Delivery

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> 96 
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Company Profile

An Italian family company

Since 1986, the Vivenzio family have roasted exquisite coffee, just south of Rome.
Their blends have the perfect blend of experience, inspiration and experimentation. Even in the second generation only the finest beans from the best cultivation areas are used, and gently processed with the traditional drum roasting.

We can offer you everything relating to coffee, from whole beans and capsules to merchandise.
We are happy to meet your individual requests and can even create your very own “private label” if you so wish.

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