High Sweet Fresh Shine Muscat Grapes Natural Seedless Green Grapes with Rich Vitamins Produced in Korea (10000005764085)

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HS Code
Export Period
Jun~Jan (Shine Muscat), Jun~Nov (Kyoho)
Shine Muscat, Kyoho
Order Unit
2kg, 4kg, 3.8kg
Minimum Order Quantity
143ctns/1 Pallet
Packing Method
Pack & Carton box
Global GAP or GAP
Payment Terms
Basic Price Terms
T/T in Advance
Shipment Period
Within one or two weeks (to be discussed)
Departing Port
Incheon Airport (Air Freight)
Incheon/Busan Port (Ocean Freight)

Shine Muscat Grapes

a kind of grape. This is green color grape. Specially, Shine Muscat Grapes have the most sweetness and can eat with skin. It has high vitamin C content.

Kyoho Grapes

a slip-skin variety, meaning that the skin is easily separated from the fruit. Kyoho grapes are blackish-purple with large
seeds.The flesh is juicy with high sugar content and mild acidity

Our farm is located in a part of Chung buk province and this area is very popular place for growing Grapes.

They have abundant Sun Light, Clean Water and Contain pure nature. So that their grapes are not only sweet and beautiful color,fresh juicy, and also good smell.

※ Shine Muscat Grapes

※ Kyoho Grapes

※ Packing Information

Order unit(ctn)
Shine Muscat
2kg (2~3pack)
Shine Muscat
4kg (5~6bundle)
Shine Muscat
2kg (500g*4pack)
Shine Muscat
3.8kg (750g*5pack)
2kg (3~4bundle)
2kg (500g*4pack)

Company Introduction

Gyeong Nam Trading Inc. (GNT)

Gyeongnam Trading Inc. is striving to expand exports of excellent Korean agricultural and fishery products to overseas markets that have entered the world's limitless competition.

Gyeongnam Trading Inc., is exporting 140 items of Korean agricultural and fishery products with excellent quality to 14 countries around the world through systematic safety management. All products are produced in Gyeongnam province, located in the south of Korea. We are aiming to become the best export trading company for agricultural and fishery products in Korea.

Our major export countries are Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei, Canada and USA, etc.

Through overseas exhibitions and meetings with buyers, we are introducing the special advantages of agricultural products from Gyeongnam, Korea to the world. Based on accumulated experience, we are continuously doing our best to introduce Korean agricultural and fishery products to new countries.

For the global competitiveness, Gyeongnam Trading Inc. is operating the Changwon export logistics center for agricultural products, which has established with an integrated system for pre-cooling, sorting, packaging and storage of agricultural products.

In addition, we are preparing for consignment operation of the Live Fish Export Logistics Center in Gyeongsangnam-do, a logistics center exclusively for a live fish. We make it possible to operate one-stop processing such as quarantine, customs clearance, storage and transportation.

"Irroro" symbolizes clear and clean agricultural products grown in the clean areas of Gyeongnam, like the fresh morning dew. It is a proud brand name of agricultural products produced by eco-friendly farming methods in Gyeongnam where we have clean soil that is not polluted, an optimal growing climate for crops, and a clear sea breeze adjacent to the clean sea.

The safety of agricultural products is fundamental, and it is the principle of producing the highest quality luxury products through strict screening on sugar content, shape and color.

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