bathroom switch magic smart glass electrostatic glass film

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Yuguang Smart Glass Film manufacturer office electronic privacy glass film for decoration
What is PDLC smart glass?
PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Glass is a kindly laminated glass, which can change to be transparent or opaque instant by switching the electricity power by means applying with PDLC film. When power off, coming visible light scatters through the PDLC,and the film turns translucent;When power on, coming visible light transmits the PDLC and the Film turns clear.

What is PDLC smart film?
Also called Switchable privacy Film, Pdlc Film, Switchable PDLC film, Smart glass Film, Switchable Smart Film, Privacy Glass Film, Magic Glass Film, Electronic Film, Electric Window Tint, Smart Tint film, Electronic Window tint, Electric Tint, Window Shading Film,Switchable Privacy Glass film, Switchable Smart Glass Film etc…Switchable smart pdlc film is a combination of two electrically conductive films, filled with liquid crystals and polymer . Transparent or translucent: you choose by clicking an electric switch.
This technology offers a enormous wide range of applications.

Major Features of Switchable PDLC Film
1.Privacy protection. As most important function, smart glass can be changed from transparent to opaque via easy model ON & OFF.
2. Perfect function of safety. As smart glass is a special kind of laminated glass, it has all the good function of the laminated glass, mainly the security.
3. Blocks more than 99% UV rays ,avoiding fading in the room.
4. Sound proof. With excellent damping action, the smart glass is easy to block the noise.
5.Projection Screen. When it is under suitable light, the perfect projection appears.
6.No trouble of curtain setting and cleaning.
7.With a modern looking, very good for interior design.

Product Series
1.Self-Adhesive Smart Film:All customers can apply the film to the installed glass directly
2.Smart Glass:All customers can install the smart glass directly, the switch smart film is laminated inside the glasses.
3.Laminated Smart Film:Non-adhesive,your local laminated glass factories should laminate the film and glasses together,it will avoid the smart glass broken when shipping by boat.
4.Smart Glass Window and Smart Glass Door:All customers can install yourselves
5.PDLC Power Supply:Used for smart glass


Optical Parameter
Visible Light Transmittance
Power on
Power off
Parallel Light Tansmittance
Power on
Power off

Power on
Power off
Power on

Electrical Parameter
Operating Voltage
Power on
AC48V-65V/ 50Hz
Response Time
Power off-on
Power Dissipation
Power on-off
6-8 W/㎡

Size Parameter
Maximum Size

Operating Parameter
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

Service Times
Power on
>12 years
Switching Times

>2 millions 

Shenzhen Yuguang New Material Co., Ltd

YuGuang New Material Co., Ltd has been manufacturing PDLC smart glass and smart film for more than 10 years.
As pioneers in PDLC smart glass technology, our custom-built switchable smart glass and film have been sold to over 70 countries– in hotels, offices, hospitals, healthcare, homes, skyscrapers, showrooms, storefronts, and more.
We pride ourselves in our professional ability to provide our clients with the most value for their dollar.


1.Can I only buy the switchable pdlc smart film to install ourselves
Yes,it's very easy for our customers.
We will offer offer a complete installation kit as well as instruction video and document.

2. Does smart film block harmful UV rays?
Yes, it can block over 98% of the harmful UV rays.

3. Is smart film energy efficient?
Yes, it's a green product that only consumes 6-8 W/㎡.

4. What is the difference between self-adhesive smart film and non-adhesive smart film?
Self-adhesive smart film can be applied onto the existing glass directly, allowing any piece of existing glass to become smart glass. Non-adhesive smart film is laminated between 2 pieces of tempered glasses to achieve smart glass.

5. Do you offer smart glass?
Our main products:self-adhesive smart pdlc fim,smart glass, Laminated Smart Film,smart car film.

6. Can you project on smart film/glass?
Yes, smart film and smart glass can be used as a rear projection screen, perfect for rear projection.

7.How is Smart glass cleaned?
Cleaning can be carried out in much the same way as normal glass by using a slightly damp cloth or professional glass cleaning product. Abrasive products should not be used as these may scratch the glass surface. Excess water should not be used and the Smart Glass should be in the off state when being cleaned. Any excess water should be removed before switching the Smart Glass panel on.

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