Automatic currency exchange machine exchange usd to rmb dollar commercial service equipment

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Product Overview


Products Description

High quality and reliable automatic currency exchange machine, made in Japan.
SMART EXCHANGE machine accepts more than 12 foreign currencies and dispense local currency (a local currency of where the machine is installed) in exchange

The user-friendly features, multilingual (10 languages), and convenience have attracted many foreign travellers and locals in Japan in the past few years.

Accepts 12 foreign currencies among 130 currencies
Accepts 85 denominations of the specifed 12 currencies
Dispenses local currency (banknotes/coins) of a country/region where the machine is installed
There are 3 dispensing cassettes, each with 1000 notes capacity (a total of 3,000 banknotes can be stored)
There is 1 depositing cassette with 1200 notes capacity

Passport reader for compliance to AML and KYC
Multilingual (10 languages), plus English and Japanese voice guidance
Compact size, as small as ATM, for easier relocation
Use SSD for quite operation
Interactive screen touch for user interface
The remote monitoring system to monitor the machine status and logs all activites
Extra features can be added to meet client's requirements

Convinient in sightseeing spots, hotels, airports, convinience stores, shopping malls, etc.
Can be installed without kiosk
Significantly cuts down the operational cost of tradition currency exchange shops/counters
Can operate 24/7
Can control exchangable amount per user, and sync information with other machines in a network
These machines are trusted and operated by international financial institutions

Main Unit Specifications
Machine name
Automatic Foreign Currency Exchange Machine
Machine user
Foreign tourists and overseas returnees
Installation location
Indoor (away from direct sunlight and moisture)
Operation condition
Manned/unattended operation
Transaction method
Cash (foreign currencies to local currency)
Communication with the server
Wired/wireless communication
External dimensions
1506 mm (H) * 450 mm (W) * 500 mm (D) (excluding protrusions)
Approximately 208 kg (including installation plate with no coin/banknote)
Paint color
Two-tone (gray and silver)
Power supply input
100 VAC 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power consumption
Approximately 85 W
Input power plug
3P power plug/3P twist-lock hook type (option)
Circuit breaker
Electrical leakage breaker
Ambient temperature range
5 to 32 ˚C
Ambient humidity range
25 to 85% (no condensation)
Storage temperature range
0 to 35 ˚ C
Storage humidity range
25 to 85% (no condensation)
Protection structure
Installation structure
Installation plate and anchor bolts
Security structure
Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association Level 2 compliant
Compliance standard
VCCI Class A
PSE (Electric power application machinery and equipment: Exchange machine)
Operation/maintenance side
Front access maintenance
Product lifespan
5 years
Environmental consideration
RoHS Directive non-ompliant
Barcode reader, non-contact card reader, magnetic card reader
Banknote reception unit
Applicable banknotes
Approximately 85 denominations in 130 counties
Deposit method
4 direction / lateral directions / individual sheet
Number of storable sheets
Approximately 1200 sheets (including an error depending on banknote status)
Retrieval method
Cassette type
Temporary banknote holding
1 sheet
Banknote dispenser
Payout method
Shutter type (longitudinal)
Number of storable sheets
Approximately 1000 sheets (per cassette)
Replenishing method
Cassette type
Number of payout sheets
Up to 50 sheets/transaction
Payout processing speed
3 to 4 sheets/second
Reject function
Payout error reject
Number of cassettes
Standard: 2 cassettes Maximum: 3 cassettes
Coin dispenser
Replenishing method
Cassette type (Refilling assist function)
Payout processing speed
6 coins/second (per denomination)
Coin retrieval mechanism
Coin retrieval mechanism + coin retrieval safe box
Operation unit
15 inch LCD (1024 x 768)
Operation method
Touch panel (capacitive type)
Movable mechanism
Operation position/maintenance position
Printer paper
Paper width
57.5±0.5 mm
Paper thickness
59 μ m
Outer diameter
φ83 mm
Thermal paper model
TF50KS E2D (Nippon Paper Industries)
Paper roll dimensions
Inner diameter φ12 mm, outer diameter φ18 mm
Heat-sensitive surface

Company Profile

New currency exchange with social distancing
ActPro Co., Ltd was established in 2012 in Japan. We started automatic foreign currency exchange machine business in April 2016.
We have installed and operate more than 500 exchange machines, branded "SMART EXCHANGE", accross Japan. This is the largest fleet in the world. We started exporting to overseas in 2019. Hence, currenctly we also operate SMART EXCHANGE machines in Thailand,Indonesia, and Cambodia in partnership with locals.

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