Improve herniated disc disease by Improve herniated disc disease made in Vietnam high quality

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Every customer when coming to PhaNa is listened to and meets all needs, even the smallest. The company's staff always strives to turn each customer's request into reality, providing the safest, most suitable and effective product. We do not produce the products we need to sell, but we dedicate ourselves to researching, designing and manufacturing the products and services that customers need to buy. Don't try to sell, help customers buy" is our sales motto. Because we understand that: Customer's satisfaction, joy, trust and progress is the driving force to motivate PhaNa to try and continue firmly on the path of fulfilling its mission to the community and social!

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This is a product of PHANA Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation. With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with the safest, most effective and economical solution for Physiotherapy with Back Traction Bed + Neck Traction . The bed pulls the back spine + pulls the neck with continuous weights, the pulling angle can be adjusted at will and can be combined with the neck pulling in the supine position. Depending on the doctor's prescription and the severity of the disease, the weight can be changed. Purpose of pulling the pelvis: reducing the lumbar buckling, reducing muscle spasms, gradually loosening the pressure on the nerve roots, expanding the conjugate.... thus reducing pain, reducing nerve compression. Using scissors of the back and neck in the cases indicated by the Doctor:
- Herniated disc
- Degeneration of the spine, spinal spines compressing nerves
- Acute muscle pain (neck scoliosis, back scoliosis), scoliosis, sacralization, lumbar spondylosis
- Narrow conjugate hole, .....

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The above diseases are considered as an incurable disease like today, you must accept to live with it for the rest of your life, unless there is an effective method to improve or replace something that modern medicine. Today there is no way to help you fully recover.
Depending on the degree of herniation of the vertebral nucleus, some patients can also fully recover after surgery.
However, most patients with surgery and disc replacement do not fully recover as at the beginning, it may only help you to relieve pain for a while and then it will come back; Even after disc surgery, the recovery of movement is impaired.
Some physiotherapists advise us that, just try to practice daily, stretch, sit and stand with correct posture to solve the nerve pain caused by the pinched nerve that causes discomfort to us and one way to do this. The indispensable solution is to wear a brace regularly to protect the spine from activities that affect nerve compression. .
The current effective methods are simple physical therapy exercises, light exercise , and medications to help restore the bones and discs. In particular, the method of using a bed to stretch the spine is being advised to use daily to pull the dilated vertebrae back to the original position to avoid compressing the nerves and injuring our lower extremities.

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1. Packing: Big size carton
2. MOQ: 500 pieces
3. Delivery time: 10-20 days
4. Shipping port: Cat Lai port

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided!

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PhaNa Production Trading Co., Ltd would like to respectfully greet customers. Wishing you health, happiness and success!
- Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation (VLTL-PHCN), in general is a branch of disease treatment by physical means without the use of drugs.
- Currently, in the world, this industry has been constantly developing and receiving great attention. In Vietnam in the past 2-3 years, the physical and mental health industry has been developing very quickly, receiving great attention, encouragement, and investment from the Ministry of Health. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has issued directives to medical units that need to equip the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation to support better treatment work, improve treatment quality, and contribute to limiting the degree of disability. disability, rehabilitation for the patient to the lowest level. However, imported equipment is rare and the cost is too high compared to the cost of each medical unit allowed to equip.
- Facing the above situation, PhaNa Trading Production Co., Ltd (formerly known as PhaNa VLTL-PHPCN Instruments Manufacturing Facility was born in 1990) was formed. Up to now, more than 27 years of establishment, nearly 300 products have been born with high quality, diversified designs, in accordance with medical standards and many different pathologies for both adults and children.


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