Low Market Price Best Selling 100% Natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder from Indian Manufacturer (10000007724584)

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Low Market Price Best Selling 100% Natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder from Indian Manufacturer



We manufacture High quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth/Diatomite fine powder for application in animal feed, Human feed, grain storage and insecticide use. The material has high Amorphous Silica and very less crystalline Silica (< 1 %) and heavy metals are in permissible limits. We export this product to many countries including USA, Europe, Asia. The material is made powder in a micronizer to keep the particle size distribution balanced.



















Color Whiteness78 +
Particle size500 mesh
pH7.5 - 8.4
Moisture< 8
Bulk Density Loose300 - 360 gm/litre
Loss on Ignition2 - 7
Silicon Dioxide90 +
Aluminium Dioxide2 - 3.5
Calcium Dioxide0.5 - 2
Iron Dioxide0.5 - 1.25







We are the biggest mine owners and manufacturers of Diatomaceous Earth / Kieselgurh / Diatomite in India and have 4 mining leases in our name. We manufacture various grades of Diatomaceous Earth / Kieselguhr / Diatomite which include Natural powder, Natural fine powder, Calcined powder, Flux calcined Powder, Grains, Granulated etc.


Diatomaceous Earth also known as Diatomite & Kieselguhr (German Word) is a chalky sedimentary rock composed of the skeletal of single cell aquatic pants called Diatoms. Each particle is porous and has Honeycomb, Rods & cones and snow flake like structure.


When crushed to a fine powder and observed through a microscope the particles resemble bits of broken glass. Due to its structure and properties it has wide industrial and organic use.




Diatomaceous Earth / Diatomite for Manufacturing of Fire Proof Safes and CabinetsDiatomaceous Earth for Mould Release in Latex Balloons and GlovesDiatomaceous Earth Nano for Paper Manufacturing
Diatomaceous Earth /Diatomite for Manufacturing of Calcium Silicate BoardsDiatomaceous Earth Diatomite for Animal feed, Animal feed formulation and Animal beddingsKieselguhr Catalyst in Vanadium Pentaoxide Manufacturing
Diatomite for Grain StorageDiatomaceous Earth/Diatomite Grains for Polyurethane FoamsDiatomaceous Earth/Diatomite Carrier for Insecticide and Pesticide
Diatomaceous Earth for Automobile Brake ManufacturingDiatomaceous Earth / Diatomite Oil Absorbents GrainsDiatomaceous Earth for Cosmetic Cream /Anti Pimple Powder
Diatomaceous Earth for Lost Circulation in Oil Well DrillingDiatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs and Pest ControlDiatomaceous Earth Flux Calcined For Filtration of Edible Oil and Paints
Diatomaceous Earth for Mould release in Centrifugal Casting and Automobile parts ManufacturingDiatomaceous Earth White Granules for Cosmetic Scrub use and for Microbes PreservationDiatomaceous Earth D-50 for Filtration in Oil Refinery
Diatomaceous Earth for Coil Coating PaintsDiatoms Food Grade Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous Earth/Diatomite for Insulation in Battery Coke Oven
Diatomaceous Earth/Kieselguhr for Match StickDiatomaceous Earth / Kieselguhr E551c For Animal Feed FormulationsFiltroseem Precoat Filter Aid for Filtration of Molten Sulphur
Diatomaceous Earth /Diatomite for AquacultureDiatomaceous Earth / Kieselguhr Ignited and Purified WhiteKieselguhr/Diatomaceous Earth E551c Anti Caking Agent
Reactive Silica/Active Silica for Phosphoric Acid PlantDiatomaceous Earth Grains as Enzyme Carrier in TextilesDiatomaceous Earth/Diatomite Powder for Bath Mats and Accessories

About Us




The Real Wealth of Company Lies in its own mineral Resources…



Incepted in the year 1975, we are renowned Mines Owner of Diatomaceous Earth / Siliceous Earth / Kieselguhr/ Diatomite having 4 mining leases in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan and a processing plant located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Our unit has the facility for micronization, calcination, drying, and granulation. We believe that the success of the company is dependent on the satisfaction of customers.Office.jpg



For this reason, we take every possible effort in matching the specification of our clients. We maintain high-quality standards throughout the production process and punctuality regarding on-time delivery of the products. All these efforts have helped us to gain trust of our customers and we have been working with them since the last many years.



At Seema Minerals, we have adopted environment-friendly mining and have reclaimed almost 80% of our mined area...


We have planted a number of trees over the reclaimed area to make the mining area green. We use green energy in our mines and factory and have installed solar power projects. We have also received many prizes from the Indian Bureau of Mines for this initiative. We have always prided ourselves on the vision, skills, expertise, and professionalism of our team. Our rich experience has enabled us to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.


Moreover, around the course of the last 40 years, we have established a good clientele base. Along with this, we have a very big warehouse to store raw material and finished goods for a longer period of time during the rainy season which allows us to continue our supplies without being interrupted. We also have our R & D laboratory to develop various products for different applications and to manufacture them as per the client’s requirement.








With a quality-driven approach in our work, we maintain high-quality standards throughout the process. We strive to provide service to its customers with emphasis on continuous improvement, proactive approach, courtesy, timely delivery, and accuracy, with a goal of achieving total customer satisfaction.


Further, we stringently checked all the quality procedures in order to maintain quality right from the procurement of the raw materials to the final delivery of the products. We have a team of quality assistance to check the standard of our range of minerals and allied products on several parameters. At our testing laboratory, we also make use of sophisticated testing methods at our quality control department prior to storage and dispatch.

















Seema Minerals & Metals are the biggest mine owner of Diatomaceous Earth/Siliceous Earth in India and have 4 mining leases in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan in Thar desert. We do environment friendly mining. We mine the mineral, refill the mined area and plant trees on reclaimed areas to conserve mother earth. Some space is made reservoir to store rainwater to fulfil the requirement of water for trees planted in the mining area.


With 3500 flourishing trees till today, the area looks greener than before and a lot of birds are visible in the mining area making our aim to conserve mother earth successful. We use green energy on mines site and have solar power plant for daily needs of electricity. We do a lot of CSR Activities in nearby villages of our mines. Ours is zero waste mines and all the material is segregated on mines site and transported to our factory to manufacture material for various applications.








With our processing plant based in Udaipur, Rajashtan, our factory is equipped with Grinding Machine, Micronisers, Rotary Dryer, Rotary Kiln, Washing Plant, Granulation Plant and various other equipment’s suitable for making a wide range of Diatomaceous Earth Products with applications such as Fillers, animal feed, Agriculture, Paint, Refinery, Insecticides, Insulation, Mould Release applications.




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