Made in Italy high quality 100% Italian olives classic taste extra virgin olive oil tin can

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It is our basic product, produced from 100% Italian olives. Classic taste, spicy, with a slight note of bitterness.

Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil offers maximum certainty in terms of authenticity. The Consortium guarantees each bottle with its signature, verifying the entire production chain, strictly made in Tuscany, from the olive harvest to the packaging.
The oil is subjected to chemical and sensory examinations (tasting by commissions recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) to check the complete compliance with the specification. The result is a 100% Tuscan oil. Olio Toscano IGP also means typicality and strong bond with the territory, certified by the IGP Community mark (Protected Geographical Indication) and by a strict production specification.
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil – a unique heritage of the territory and culture of this region – has been protected by the
Protected Geographical Indication since 1998.
Tuscany is a perfect balance of nature and art, beauty of the territory and climate. It is here that an excellent extra virgin
olive oil is born, the result of a centuries-old tradition. The variety of olive trees and the cultivation technique, the olive
harvest at the right degree of ripeness and their careful processing, combine to create an incomparable product, with a
recognizable flavor, which brings with it all the nuances of this land. Each area of Tuscany has in fact traits that differentiate it and make it unique, just like the oil that comes from there. This is why the Toscano IGP produced throughout the region and characterized by its own precise character, can present slight different accents of taste, to be discovered through the exploration of the various production areas.


Place of Origin
Brand Name
 Classic taste, spicy, with a slight note of bitterness.
Shelf life
to be consumed preferably by February 28, 2023
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Nutritional Values

Average values for 100 ml of product 
Kcal 822 - Kj 3378
91 g
0 g

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Company Profile


where quality and tradition have been passed down from father to son for generations since 1890.

In 1890, Augusto Bacci began trading sheep and poultry meat and then passed the business on to his son Rodolfo and his wife, Romilda. The Bacci Renzo & Sons poultry shop, which sold poultry and lamb, was opened on 1 October 1954.
In 1987, the shop became a wholehearted butcher shop with Alberto Bacci and his wife, Anna Maria Paoletti. In 2000, she realised that to keep up with the times, their history had to be visible to the world and created the shop's first webpage.
This visibility led to sales and shipments throughout Italy.
In 2009, the first e-commerce was opened, unique at that time. The business was further renewed and expanded to the European market, but it continued to keep the traditions of the past alive and respected the quality of its products to the maximum.
The Bacci old butcher's shop sells the real CHIANINA PGI steak, certified by the CENTRAL APPENNINE WHITE VITELONE CONSORTIUM as a butcher's shop and then as a TRADER for certified resale to the catering industry. The Bacci old butcher's shop meets the conformity requirements established by the Production Regulation: the sale and packaging of CHIANINA PGI 5R meat and 3A-PTA CERTIFICATION No. 04 I 42 00010 2020 production regulation – (Reg. EC 1151/12) in compliance with UNI CEI EN 45011 and Ministerial Decree 18/10/99 and subsequent amendments.
The Bacci old butcher's shop sells, both retail and wholesale, all types of personally selected meat of the highest quality:
Chianina PGI, beef, pork, sheep, poultry and rabbits, game, home-made sausages and Tuscan cold cuts, ready-to-cook dishes, and cheese and wine.
Our brand, the image shown above, is a patent registered with the appropriate bodies for ITALY AND THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY.

Tel. 00390558724500
Cell Phone. 00393455866262

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