Precooked baked gluten-free round base 30 cm 235 gr high quality Italian food product to be garnished and baked in the oven

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Product Overview


Product Description

Precooked baked gluten-free round base 30 cm 235 gr
Laltrapizza is a precooked (prebaked) pizza base made of simple and natural ingredients: water, salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil, sourdough with lactic ferments and a precise mix of flours, wheat, soy, rice.


Product Type
wheat and rice flour, gluten free
Processing Type
Bag, Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Shelf Life
90 days
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Gluten-free round base 30 cm 

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Company Profile

The art of making bread is an Italian passion whose roots are based on a past full of traditions and genuineness. From these roots is born the passion for pizza that inspired Pino Gabriele and his son Biagio. Their challenge is to adapt the traditional and ancient ways of making bread and pizza to the modern technologies. From their work of constant research and innovation is born L’ALTRAPIZZA, a product that the costumer will be able to recognise and distinguish from the traditional and common pizza for its unique taste and its highly digestibility


The only pizza base which last 90 days at room temperature

1.Which are the main key strenghts of the product?
A handmade product that the consumer can recognise and distinguish from the common pizza for its unique taste and its high digestibility
No qualified staff and professional equipment are required. You only need a refractory-based oven or a fan oven.
Laltrapizza is the perfect solution for restaurants and pizzerias as well as for other food enterprises such as wine bar, pub,
fast food. It is also perfect for buffet, happy hour, party and brunch.

2. which is the importance of a long leavening?
With the term “leavening of the dough” we refer to all the chemical reactions, enzymatic and physical that are essential for the preparation and success of a good pizza. The correct application and working of the dough (and then of the pizza) guarantees a series of advantages in terms of lightness, digestibility, colour, leavening and baking. During the leavening several processes start: sugars proteins are broken up into simple sugars and amino acids facilitating the digestion.

5. Other key points:
Constant application of handmade working methods: each piece is prepared, worked and spread by our experts’ hands
Quality needs cure and attention: the whole process and its phases: dough, leavening, baking and packaging undergoes a rigorous control in order to guarantee a final result of high quality.
Several pizza base shapes: we produce a large selection of semifinished for pizza to be used in different typologies of food enterprises: take away pizzerias, fast food, pubs, wine bars, pizzerias, restaurants

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