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Product Overview


Coco peat, also known as Coir pith, Fiber Pith, Fiber peat, Coir waste or Coir dust is made during the process of fiber extraction from fibers of Coconut Husk in the Coir Industry, which are the main byproducts of this process. Graded good quality coco fiber is separated and used as raw material for various coco product productions. The coco peat waste like a saw dust is separated and washed, dried (natural sunlight or drier machine), screened and graded to get the good quality coco peat dust as a raw material.The coco peat blocks are mainly produced for commercial purpose. This soft, spongy, soilless multipurpose growing peat medium is then added to soil or simply used as excellent growing medium in green house cultivation, horticultural, floriculture, nurseries, agricultural and Industrial applications, wherein peat increases moisture, aeration in plant rooting. Peat also used as peat moss, perlite and Vermiculite. Coco peat aids for strong root growth. Industrial absorbent also an added main application of coco peat.

The processed coco peat is then compressed into 5kg peat block for commercial purpose using coco peat block making machine by hydraulic pressure. As per customer requirements we make our products. There are twomain types of coco peat blocks are available, which are mainly based on the Electrical Conductivity (EC) value of the coco peat.

Low EC
High EC
Coconut Peat
Coconut Peat
30 x 30 x 12 cm ± 15 cm
30 x 30 x 12 cm ± 15 cm
Below 15%
Below 15%
Below 0.5 μS/cm
Above 1.5 μS/cm
4.6 to 5 kg (+/- 200 grams)
4.6 to 5 kg (+/- 200 grams)
Expansion Volume
15-16 liters per Kg
15-16 liters per kg
Sand Ratio
Below 5%
Below 5%
Standard, Seived
Standard, Seived
Natural Coir Pith
Natural Coir Pith
Potting mix suppliers, Green houses, Hydroponic Growers, etc.,
Plants Growing, Animal Bedding
Natural Brown
Natural Brown

* It is useful to make mixtures of Potting.
* Green Houses as growing medium.
* Hydroponics.
* Animals Worm Bedding.
* Nursery seedling and Gardens.
* Horticulture and Floriculture.
* Lawn and Golf course constructors
* Home Gardening or Kitchen Gardening or Terrace Gardening.

Kopeat exports is a registered coco peat and substrates manufacturing and exporting company in India, since 2008, with production facilities equipped with modern machineries. We are exceptionally focused on offering premium quality and environmentally safe coir based 100 % natural organic substrates to our valuable clients all around the globe.

Website: www.kopeatexports.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +91 8056656852
+91 9976187456

Q) What can you buy from us?
A) Coco Peat Blocks 5 Kg
Coco Peat Bricks 650g
Coco Grow Bags
Coco Husk Chips Block 5 Kg
Brown Fiber
White Fiber
Coco pellet Disc
Coir Pots
Coco Sticks
Coconut Mulch Disc Cover
Curled Coir Rope
Coir Baskets

Q) Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A) Mass Production Capacity,
Using Advanced Machineries,
Premium quality products at Market Standard,
On-time product delivery,
Experts in Manufacturing and Logistics,
Delivering desirable quantity through regular Quality Checking,
Customization options.

Q) What are the main advantages could I take from your company?
A) Best Price and High-quality product.
Customized solution for product packaging.
Fast delivery with large stock.

Q) How long is the lead time?
A) We can normally arrange for a shipment within 15-20 days after receiving
payment or confirmed LC. For an exact lead time, Kindly contact us.

Q) What is the frequency of your supply?
A) Sure, as we are having good network in procuring raw material and we have all
facilities to supply our materials regularly to our buyers.

Q) Do you arrange the best shipping rates?
A) Yes, As we have good business tie-ups with most of the shipping companies,
we can arrange the best cheapest shipping rates for you and the delivery of our
product will be always faster.

Q) What are the shipping ways?
A) We send the cargo mostly via the ship by Air & Container 20’, 40’ & 40”
Q) Do you provide the samples?
A) Of course yes, we provide the samples free of cost. You will have samples exactly
the same as your cargo. Freight charges for the samples will be paid by the
customer alternatively Inform us of your express account number with your
preferred courier company and they will collect the samples from us. The sample
freight cost will be refunded to the customer once the order for the product is
confirmed via payment.

Q) Can you offer OEM service?
A) Yes, we offer a private label logo and customized packaging services are available
as per your requirements.

Q) What services can we provide?

A) Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, CNY
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, LC, and DP
Language Spoken: English

Q) How to make an inquiry about your product?
A) Kindly visit our website and contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Website: www.kopeatexports.com

+91 8056656852
+91 9976187456

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