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Coco peat block is the natural byproduct of coconut cultivation which is crushed coconut husks and better than traditional soil. This coconut coir product is renewable and sustainable alternative to peat moss. Coco peat are fine multipurpose by-products collected from the decortications of coconut husks. This organic product is a perfect soil conditioner, which is pre washed, machine or sun dried and graded into briquettes of both high EC and Low EC eco-friendly products. High Electrical Conductivity (EC) coco peat are used as Bedding for Animal farms. Coco peat used for Germination purpose falls under Low Electrical Conductivity (EC) coco peat.


Coco peat normally shipped in the form of compressed blocks. End user can add water to expand the block and use according to the requirement. Usually, we recommend with pallets but if you tipped the container, we recommend for bulk loading.


Advantages of Coco Peat :

  • Potting mixes

  • Excellent air porosity

  • Excellent water retention

  • Irrigation efficiency

  • Faster germination times & quicker seedling rotations

  • Environmentally preferable to the alternatives

  • Degrades slower than other peats.

Applications :

  • Green houses

  • Hydroponics Growers

  • Nursery & Garden center professionals

  • Seedling Nurseries

  • Home Gardening (indoor and out door) and for landscaping use

  • Mushroom Farming

  • Bonsai Mixes

  • Turf Farming

  • Vegetable Gardens

  • Rose Cultivation

Specification : 

 Product Name

 Low EC Coco peat


 Coconut Peat




 Natural Brown



 Place of Origin


 Brand Name


 Model Number



 15 - 20% Max.

 PH 5.8 to 6.8
 Grade Standard



0.0111 s.