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This organic chocolate confectionery is certified organic in Japan under [Organic JAS] certification.
The chocolate is made from couverture chocolate, and the chocolate filling is made from carefully selected dried fruits and nuts.
The chocolate is coated one by one with an exquisite ratio of ingredients that does not spoil the flavor of the ingredients, but allows the chocolate to be enjoyed fully.
No luster material is used, but our original technology maintains the smoothness of the surface.
Three flavors are always available
Dry fig, roasted almond, and raisin.
You can choose from dried fig, roasted almond, and raisin according to your preference.
This product is offered in bulk, and we are happy to consult with you about original packaging.
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 Organic almonds (U.S.A.), organic chocolate (made in Japan) (organic cocoa mass, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, vanilla beans), (some dairy ingredients included)
Organic figs (produced in Turkey), organic chocolate (produced in France) (organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa beans, organic sugar,organic cocoa butter) / emulsifier (derived from sunflower), (contains some dairy ingredients)
Organic raisins (manufactured in the U.S.A.), organic chocolate (manufactured in France) (organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa beans,organic sugar, organic cocoa butter) / emulsifier (from sunflower), (contains some dairy ingredients)

Nutritional Facts
Almonds : 
550kcal energy, 18.3g protein, 39.6g fat, 38.4g carbohydrate, 16.5g dietary fiber
Energy 410kcal, protein 6.1g, fat 19.3g, carbohydrate 58.8g, dietary fiber 11.6g
Raisins : 
403kcal energy, 5.9g protein, 16.8g fat, 62.7g carbohydrate, 11.5g dietary fiber

Expiration date
180 days from the date of manufacture
Product weight
per 1 pack 2kg
Samples available at cost.
※Shipment is by advance payment

Company Profile

Delivering Japan's unique food products and excellent sundries around the world
Nagaraen is a confectionery manufacturer that is in its 68th year in business in the city of Gifu in Gifu Prefecture where the 1,300-year-old tradition of cormorant fishing is upheld on the Nagara River. We also make traditional egg senbei marked with our original brand to serve as souvenirs offered at tourist sites or by companies, as well as confectionery for the health and beauty market, such as vegan-friendly plant-based protein bars and nutrition bars with synbiotic functions to improve the intestinal environment. We are confident in the techniques we have accumulated over our 68-year history in processing, blending, and baking vegetables, fruits, and other functional ingredients. The souvenir product that we created for a company using [Apple Fruit Senbei], which we developed using our company's proprietary techniques and manufacturing methods, has been awarded 3 stars—the highest honor—by ITQI (the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute) for 13 years in a row, demonstrating how our flavors are also highly regarded on an international level. We are also able to create our company's products through private brand or original equipment manufacturing with original designs and packaging and we offer free proposals that suit market needs.
In addition, we received Organic JAS certification, which is rare for a Japanese confectionery manufacturer, in March 2019 and started developing and selling new sweets made with organic ingredients. These products are being featured at more and more stores that carry organic products, and we are also able to provide organic sweets that are made in Japan.
Not only do we offer the opportunity for the development and sales of confectionery through this website, we also offer exquisite items that can only be made in Japan using the connections that we have built with our partners since our founding.

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