Dehumidifier for large air volume

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Liquid desiccant dehumidifier Kathabar

The Kathabar humidity regulator began in 1959 with a technical cooperation with an American company. It is the only air conditioning system that uses a lithium chloride solution (trade name: Kathene solution) as the humidity regulating medium. In addition to the Kathabar liquid system, there are dry and cooled dehumidification systems, but the Kathabar can produce air with lower temperatures and lower humidity than other systems can.With a history of over 60 years, the Kathabar has been delivered to over 1,500 units both in Japan and abroad.

1. Creation low temperature (below 27°C) and low humidity (below 50%) indoor environments.
Directly achieves the desired temperature and humidity through the action of lithium chloride aqueous solution (product name: Kathene aqueous solution).

2. Improvement on IAQ (indoor air quality) through optimum control of humidity and removal of bacteria and dust.

3. High airflow is possible.

The Kathabar, which uses Kathene solution as a moisture absorbent, consists of an air contactor, a regenerator and a heat exchanger (cooler/heater).
As shown in the diagram below, it consists of an air contactor, a regenerator and a heat exchanger (cooler/heater).

[Materials used]
The machine body and pump tank are made of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic). The plates of the heat exchanger (cooler/heater) are made of titanium. It is rust-resistant and highly durable.

[Features of Kathene Solution]
Kathene Solution is the only liquid moisture absorber with all the properties required for wet humidity control systems.

[Powerful sterilization effect]
The Kathene solution has a powerful eradication effect in addition to the above properties. Dr. Solberg at the University of Toledo in the U.S. reported that when air passed once through the air washer containing the Kathene solution, 97% of the airborne bacteria were inactivated. The measurements obtained in the xperiment on the eradication effect of the Kathene solution conducted in a beer factory also verified the effectiveness of the bacteria reducing property of the Kathene solution.


Product Usage

1.Low temperature drying of temperature-sensitive substances.
Kathabar is capable of supplying low dew air (0℃ Dew Point or lower), which most cooling-type dehumidification system cannot provide.
[For example]
Gelatin, Soft Capsules, Dry Foods, Powder Seasonings, Gene Banks

2.Powerful eradication effect to meet HACCP requirements.
The Kathene solution eliminates bacteria from the supply air.
In addition, Kathabar maintains the indoor humidity at appropriate level and prevents the reproducion of molds and fungus.
[For example]
Food factories, Brewing, Confectionay and Sugar

3.Prevention of surface condensation and rusting.
[For example]
Storage sites of Steel materials

4.Flexible control of temperature and humidity.
Even when the inlet absolute humidity is as high as 21g/kg (example:32℃ and 70%RH), Kathabar can reduce the outlet humidity to 6.0g/kg (Dew point temperature: 6.8℃) by using cooling tower water (32℃) as a cold heat source.
What's more, the outlet humidity can be lowered even further simply by using chilled watar, brine or refrigerant.
By arranging a makeup watar supply and heater on the humidity control side, a single Kathabar System can be used for humidification and humidity control.

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Liquid Desiccant Dehumidifier KATHABAR
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T-Net Japan Co., Ltd. Air Systems Department started when its predecessor company signed the technology of KATHABAR with an American company in 1959.Liquid Desiccant Dehumidifier KATHABAR is the only air conditioning system that uses an aqueous solution of lithium chloride as a medium.The KATHABAR is a single unit that dehumidifies, humidifies, sterilizes, and removes dust, and is also very effective in saving energy.With a history of 60 years, we have delivered more than 1,500 units in Japan and overseas.

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