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Product Overview


Products Description

Nitorogen Single Origin Instant Coffee Aluminum Bottle Can - INDIA

The world's first such product for Instant Coffee ! *Patent pending
Aluminum can package collaborated with Daiwa Can which is Japan’s one of leading packaging manufactures,
prevents the oxidation of coffee and preserve the coffee left without changing the taste or the flavor.
The best-before date is 4 years before opened, the weight is very light, suitable for outdoor and preservative food for emergency.
Using only precious SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE.

Collective management of special green coffee direct from the origin.
We are the coffee company to have "Berries to Cup Concept" facility in Asia.
Vidya Coffee is situated at Chikmagalur in India with its own coffee estate, integrated coffee processing plant with the capacity of over 20,000 MT/Annum in the heartland of Indian coffee which is a part of Western Ghats.
The Western Ghats mountain range is rich in flora and fauna and is considered as one of the Bio-diversity hot spots.
The facility we have a capacity of 20000mt with all the machine being Pinhalense, we have a onsite quality control facility where all incoming lots are quality controlled.
In 2022, completed an instant coffee factory next to our facility.

Vidya Japan imports 20,000 tons of green beans annually direct form the estats and starts to import instant coffee from new factory in India.
We have a roasting facility in Osaka and plan to have new machine for Aluminum bottle cans.

Produce the coffee products customized according to the needs.(Package and flavors)

Lead Time & MOQ

Vidya Brand
Country of Origin
4Weeks after
receiving a manuscript
Manufactured in Osaka
Best before date: 4years

Product Usage

<Tip for a good coffee>
●Dissolve 1 teaspoon of instant coffee(≒2g) in 120cc of hot water around 90℃.
●Please take 1 level aluminum can cap of instant coffee for a cup of coffee.

<How to prepare tasty cup>
●Store away from direct sunlight high temperature and humidity.
●After opening, consume as soon as possible.

<Cautions on use>
●Please do not use wet spoon.
●Watch out for hot water.

Company Profile

”Berries to Cup Concept”

Vidya Coffee is situated at Chikmagalur in India with its own coffee estates, integrated coffee processing plant, roasting plant, instant coffee plant and coffee extraction plant. Vidya Japan imports the coffee beans from the estate and performs the collective management of special green coffee direct from the origin, produce the coffee products customized according to the needs in Osaka factory which has FSSC22000. Taking advantage of our group strength=Development technology of natural extract, it can be produced functional coffees such as coffee with Collagen, Polyphenol, Gava, from small lots.

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