Robogram JEMS Training To Learn By Creating Games With Block Codes Coding Book

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Product Overview


Company Profile

Robogram is the company that develops coding education content that allows people to understand easily and access big data and convergence algorithms, thought of one of top trends in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

the technology development team and education content team, led by representative who is a coding education expert for 20 years,work hard to develop easy and fund coding education programs

Jem s

JEM S: 3D base sandbox block coding program.

Jem s Block coding Software

Product Description

Jem s Effect

Non-face-to-face 3D based

Block code (robogram software)

Physical effects: collision, inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, etc.

Different physical effects: Thinking ability, immersion, scalability, persistence

Why Jem s

* Developed based on Roblox, a role-playing game popular among young people in English-speaking countries, it can be expanded to the global coding education market.
* Resolving the difference in difficulty that occurs when moving from block coding to text coding, providing educational homes.
* Create your own game without the additional burden of using tools and conduct fun coding education.
* Motivate your coding education by playing bedding games in your 3D handcrafted gaming app.
* Inducing active participation of many students participating in non-face-to-face multi-coding education.
* We present the direction of the online coding education method to the educational field suffering from the lack of video education contents.


Place of Origin
South Korea
Brand Name
Jem s

Coding education

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