Refined Sunflower Oil / Sunflower Cooking Oil Wholesale

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Our factory is one of the biggest suppliers of Hungary top quality refined sunflower oil both in bulk and bottles. Our main goal is to supply high-quality refined sunflower and 100% pure refined sunflower oil. Also, we offer to buy good factory sunflower oil, Philippine exporters sunflower oil, refined deodorized sunflower oil at best affordable prices in Philippines. moreover, we are very proud to say that Philippine refined sunflower oil manufacturers, gel food sunflower oil, factory sunflower oil, Philippine exporters sunflower oil are highly valued throughout the world.
In addition to that, the sunflower oil manufacturer in Philippine offers top quality production and collaboration. Our factory is the largest wholesale producer of refined sunflower oil to the export from Philippine. We made high-quality products at the best affordable prices! We are a trusted supplier to buy certified sunflower oil. The quality of our natural refined sunflower oil meets the highest requirements for this product, which is evidenced by a certificate of quality, as well as the very demand for the Philippine products.


Refined Sunflower Seed Oil

Productsunflower oil
Transparencywithout lees
Smell and tastedepersonalized oil odourless
Color number,mg of iodine 10
Acid value,mg kon/g0.25
Mass fraction of not fat admixtures,%Absence
Peroxide value,½ O2 Mmol/kg 2.0
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles content,% 0.10
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances
in terms of stearooleoletsytyn,%


0.0177 s.