Wholesale Selling Export Quality Fully Disposable Catering Purpose Usage GoldWhip 615g Whipped Cream Chargers

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Wholesale Selling Export Quality Fully Disposable Catering Purpose Usage GoldWhip 615g Whipped Cream Chargers



The new and innovative GoldWhip cream charger helps you save time on routine refills. Time that you can spend on making even more beautiful creations. GoldWhip’s premium cream dispensers can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes and drinks, ranging from the classic whipped cream to theatrical infused cocktails, to rapidly infused foams which are now widespread on fine-dining menus!


GoldWhip focuses on efficiency, safety, durability, and premium quality. Designed to lessen any hassle in the kitchen, minimise errors and service delays so that you can make the most of your time. Our cylinders are professionally made resulting in higher quality.


With a global demand, GoldWhip is the best choice for you and your culinary needs, the smart way to whip.


  • Cylinders are made from high-graded carbon steel.

  • Fully disposable and recyclable.

  • Cylinders are not refillable.



Product NameCream Chargers
Dessert Tools TypeCream Chargers
Metal Type100% Recyclable Carbon Steel
UsageCatering Purpose
Shelf Life2 Years
ApplicationDessert Tools Making Cream
QualityPremium Quality
GradeHigh Grade
Trusted byCaterers, Chefs and Wholesalers
Best & Experienced SupplierSince 2019






About Us




We established Cloverleaf Distribution in January 2019, with experience in the wholesale distribution industry of catering and kitchen supplies.


In December 2019, we started expanding the range of our products and we have introduced different kitchen equipment.



Our Mission

Cloverleaf Distribution is one of the largest importers and distributors of catering equipment and cream chargers in Europe. We are a reliable supplier committed to high-quality products, outstanding service, and competitive prices.


 Our mission is to continue to provide total satisfaction to all our business partners supplying high-quality products and giving the best advice possible.


 We are a B2B distribution business expanding into the retail space. We focus on customer service and are always there for our customer’s needs. We entered the retail industry to build an accessible platform for our daily retail customers, our mission is to be the leading provider of quality cream chargers, tanks and other kitchen and catering equipment.


 We offer versatile and flexible prices as well as hassle-free solutions for all your catering needs.



Our Vision

We are aiming to expand Cloverleaf Distribution Ltd. not just in the UK and Ireland, but also in European countries like Spain, France and expanding around the world.


Our founder named the company Cloverleaf Distribution because he lived in Ireland for a long time and it was the best years of his life. He always thought that this happened because he found this “mysterious” cloverleaf of four leaves in one of his first few days in the country.









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Ques.What are cream chargers?
Ans.A whipped cream charger is a steel item that is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser.



Ques.How do you use Cream Chargers?
Ans.Cream chargers are only effective when used in conjunction with a dispenser. To begin, open the dispenser and add the ingredients you want to whip, then replace the top and tighten it. Then it’s just a matter of screwing a cream charger into the charger holder on the dispenser.



Ques.How many Cream Chargers do you need?
Ans.The number of cream chargers you’ll need is determined on the size of your dispenser and the amount of cream (or other ingredient) you’ll be whipping. Generally, one cream charger is enough to affect an entire dispenser full of ingredients and should triple the volume (for example turn 0.5L of pouring cream into 1.5L of whipped cream).



Ques.Which brand should I buy?
Ans.GoldWhip is your brand of choice. GoldWhip focuses on efficiency, safety, durability and premium quality. Designed to lessen any hassle in the kitchen, minimize errors and service delays so that you can make the most of your time. Our cylinders are professionally made resulting in higher quality.



Ques.Misuse of Cream chargers?
Ans.We take the misuse of products very seriously here at Cloverleaf and will not sell products to any minors or people we suspect are not using them legitimately. If you suspect anyone is buying from us and misusing, please report them via our Contact Us page.



Ans.GoldWhip is available through Cloverleaf Distribution and authorised partners. Contact Cloverleaf to enquire about creating your account and placing an order. We acquire stock all year round often on a weekly basis so if your favourite product is out of stock then please keep checking back in or send us a message and we’ll let you know when to expect it next.



Ques.How long does it take to deliver?
Ans.For all online orders, we offer 2-3 working day delivery window though in most cases it will be next day when ordering before 2pm. For larger orders, we may need up to 7-8 days if the volume levels are higher (to arrange logistics/shipping etc.). Shipping rates depend on postcode and can be arranged via Cloverleaf Distribution, or you can arrange your own shipping.



Ques.If I prefer pick-up, where can I collect my order?
Ans.There is a designated warehouse in Leicester for collection.



Ques.What are my payment options?
Ans.PayPal, Credit/Debit card (via Stripe) or bank transfer.



Ques.What are the purchase requirements?
Ans.European businesses need to be VAT registered. UK businesses should be registered under Companies House.



Ques.What are the disposal requirements?
Ans.Before disposing of your cylinder, make sure to remove all the remaining contents through the nozzle. Once the cylinder is completely empty, the cylinder can be disposed of according to your local guidelines for the disposal of scrap metal.



Ans.GoldWhip is compatible with all major dispenser brands. If you are having trouble connecting to your dispenser, contact our team and we would be happy to help.





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