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is one of the best varieties of honey, collected by bees from flowering buckwheat (the contents of buckwheat in honey above 50%). The diastase number is about 28 units. It contains twice as many amino acids and many trace minerals, is very rich in iron and protein. It belongs to the range of high-grade varieties of honey with a pronounced medicinal properties.
Honey Collection Area all districts of the Altai Krai – Bystroistoksky, Krasnogorsky, Saltonsky, Altai, Troitsky, Ust-Pristansky, Ust-Kalmansky, Zonal, Zmeinogorsky, Pospelikhinsky, Novichikhinsky. Color and crystallization the color palette of buckwheat honey ranges from dark yellow to dark brown with a reddish tinge. Immediately after the extraction, the color is dark with a cherry tint, lightens as it crystallizes, turns into a mushy mass with crystals from fine-grained to coarse-grained. Taste and Smell it has a pleasant though specific and somewhat sharp taste and a peculiar aroma and a peculiar ""sore throat"" effect, by which buckwheat honey can be immediately distinguished from other varieties.




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Altai Krai

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Soyuz Trade House

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Honey Natural Buckwheat


From dark yellow to dark brown


Vacuum Pack



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12 months


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