Korea Cosmetic Plastic Refill Bottle 50ml 1.7 oz Sponge Head Applicator Latex Fabric PP Non-Toxic Durable MADE IN KOREA

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Sponge Head Applicator Bottles

This empty bottle is made of non-toxic, sturdy HDPE, and commonly used at many big pharmaceutical companies in Korea.
And the demand is quite strong in Korean online shops too. Customers can use the bottle to store liquid medicines or serums (essence) or bother types of cosmetics.


1. It allows you to evenly apply to the scalp or skin and doesn't flow down because it doesn't come out too much.

2. Safe and Durable : The inner cap made of latex is safe for skin and does not tear easily. It is convenient for potions, cosmetics, and travel.

3. MADE IN KOREA : Korean manufactured product, excellent quality with good materials and technology. Our partner have produced and supplied this item to medical companies since 1995. We guarantee excellent quality.

4. How to Use : Fill the contents, insert the inner cap slightly, hold the container, and press the inner cap firmly with the other palm to close.

5. Caution : Please press the tip slowly on the skin, not the way the liquid comes out by pressing the container (The container is firm). Gently press the tip onto your skin five to six times so that the tip gets wet.

6. Small sized and portable.

7. REFILLABLE : Use rubber gloves to open the inner lid. Don't open and close the inner lid often.


Place of Origin
South Korea
Brand Name
Model Number
Industrial Use
Shampoo, Lotion, Skin Care Serum, SKIN CARE, makeup tools, Other Cosmetic
Base Material

[How to put the inner lid on]
After filling the contents and placing the container on the floor.

Press the sponge cap firmly with your palm.
[How to use when using for the first time]
1. Slowly press the sponge cap against the skin without pressing the container. 2. The latex cap has to be wetted at first, so
when you press the sponge part on the skin 3 or 4 times, the liquid starts to come out. You can control the amount of liquid that
comes out according to the speed of pressing on the skin.

Good quality
Products used by large pharmaceutical companies in Korea
Latex cap made in Korea
Safe and proven products for skin

[Extra information]
If you open and close the inner lid frequently, the opening of the container will increase and it may leak.
Remove only when replacing, and replacement is recommended only 1 or 2 times.
Tip! It comes off easily by putting on rubber gloves and turning it off.

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