Fine Pink Himalayan Salt from Pakistan Imported High Quality of Table Salt by Foodies (PVT.) Limited

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Pink Himalayan Salt is naturally nutrient and mineral dense. Hundreds of uses: Pink Himalayan Salt can enhance your day-to-day foods like meat, poultry, veggies, desserts and more

Pakistan Himalayan Sea Salt: Imported from Pakistan Grain: Fine grain Unrefined with zero additives or preservatives Zero anti-caking agents Gluten Free | Kosher salt | Non-GMO Can be used in place of table salt Naturally occurs in a pink or reddish color It contains over 80 trace minerals, including the essential minerals: iodine, sodium, and chloride. The most widely known culinary varieties of natural sea salt used today include Pink Himalayan Salt. It is harvested with care to preserve the naturally-occurring minerals.


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Foodies (PVT) LTD
Iodine, sodium, and chloride
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Pink salt
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It is our vision to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of innovative food ingredient solutions that contribute to an affordable food supply for the world.

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It is our mission to ensure the continued success of our customers, employees, and communities by providing superior food ingredient solutions.

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At GMP FOODS, our dairy farm families work with pride and care every day to produce wholesome, nutritious dairy products. Our commitment to quality continues onto the next step, as our member milk is bottled or processed into dairy products. GMP FOODS is a global dairy commodity provider, active in all major dairy producing and consuming markets. We provide excellence for our clients right across the board – in terms of product quality, logistics services, market intelligence and risk management solutions.

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* Flavor Enhancement
* Dairy powder can provide baked flavor during baking and heating. Milk Powder or dairy powder can provide creamy dairy notes and ensures even flavor distribution.
* Emulsification
* Prevents fat globules from forming one large mass, improving product appearance. Milk powder or dairy powder is an all-natural emulsifying ingredient.
* Gelling & Heat Setting
* Improves mouthfeel. Milk powder or dairy powder helps provide the creamy, smooth texture of fat, enhancing customer appeal for lower-fat products.
* Nutritional Enrichment
* Can improve the nutritional profile of a food product. Milk powder or dairy powder provides vitamin and mineral fortification and represents a natural source of soluble vitamins.
* Solubility
* Some milk powders disperse well in food systems. Milk powder or dairy powders prevent sedimentation in beverages, soups & sauces.
* Water Binding & Viscosity Building
* Provides fat-like attributes in products, allowing a reduction in fat content. It also improves product texture, creating moister products.
* Whipping, Foaming & Aeration
* Milk powder maintains foam properties, which enhances the visual appeal of the finished product as well as taste and texture.

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