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Product Overview


Product Description

Super quality hot recommended SS-1816BBWF-5AS industrial metal wall fan

16” Semi Industrial Oscillation Orbit Fan, Metal Wall mount
Powerful Air volume 75~100Watts

Suitable for Workshop, Home, Office, and Outdoor use

Special Features

Special Features
Option : White Coated Metal Grill 
3pc AS Transparent knife Blade
Strong Metal Wall Mount
3-Speed Rotary regulator switch control
160cm plug power cord
360 Degree Oscillation
Color : Black or Client choice (Option)

Our Advantages

As technology continues to develop and the quality requirements in the electrical industry improve, we invest continually to improve our products. High quality designs are the result of utilizing advanced technologies, continual checks and testing during each phase of the production process.

Multiple tests are carried out to ensure that products meet the standards, which means that all manufacturing and administration processes in the company meet the electrical quality standards.

Maintaining the ‘Status Quo’ is not an option. With its vision on the future, Shinsi is continuously searching for new projects and developments. The Research & Development department plays a central role in achieving these objectives. Their high level of expertise and experience are put to good use in shaping the development process.

Product development is at Shinsi goes beyond simply improving and revamping existing products. The company sets out to offer ready to market solutions in cooling systems in order to anticipate new demands from customers. That is why Shinsi maintains intensive contact with its partners in the Electrical industry. Early reception of signals and seeking innovative solutions together has repeatedly led to the best results.

In addition, Shinsi develops over 450 customized solutions a year for every customer in accordance with the applicable standards and legal requirements for each international Buyer. Alongside product development at Shinsi is also developing new tools and machines to address the needs of the manufacturing process.

Mutual trusts are essential for the basis of a good partnership and Shinsi values this philosophy. Making clear arrangements and being able to support each other generates a profitable and constructive relationship. In this way Shinsi aims to create an outstanding continuity in its business network.

The high degree of commitment of our sales and marketing staff makes all the difference. Dedicated customer teams are installed to serve specific demands of customers – for ultimate customer satisfaction. Besides our sales team in Taiwan, Shinsi has an external division who represents our brand in and outside of Asia.

Shinsi serves two important Motors and Electrical market sectors. One is the Original Equipment (OE) Market. Shinsi delivers the OE & OD to a large number of companies and Brand manufacturers. These products are then marketed under their own brand name. In addition the OE market Shinsi provides exceptional service to the aftermarket these include Distributors and Territorial major suppliers.

Having a continuous demand from our partners enables Shinsi to offer a comprehensive product range. These products are competitively priced to allow profits to be shared with our customers. Shinsi control the competitive pricing by using ‘state of the art’ manufacturing systems to create lean production facilities that are well geographically located.

Logistics management is often very complex and entails various departments in a company: from purchasing and stock management to the financial department. The logistical process within Shinsi is synonymous for speed and punctuality. Because of an intelligent computer-driven system Shinsi has optimized purchasing, production, inventory and delivery.

Shinsi products are extremely varied; there are over 100 different products items for different brands, type and production year. Components and basic materials are bought from a vast number of manufacturers locally and internationally. This diversity calls for a tight logistical planning.

Products are stored in vast warehouses in Taiwan. As soon as orders from clients arrive, Shinsi is able to respond immediately and thus to deliver correctly and quickly. This cross-frontier service yields that distinguishing quality so valued by our customers.

Company Profile

Shinsi Industries Co. Ltd.,is a Taiwan based international company, specializing in development and manufacturing of original equipment Electrical Cooling Systems, Industrial and Commercial Grade productions for electrical industry. The company has been active in this market since 2012.

Shinsi industries Co. Ltd is a Taiwan certified company supplying all the its Clients and after-market companies throughout Central America, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Due to a commitment to providing high quality OE standard equipment, Shinsi today is the market leader in dedicated electrical motor winding and motor manufacturing sector.

Shinsi maintains a flexible electrical manufacturing base that also produces a range of specialized 100% brass wiring motors for fans, exhaust system for sophisticated and non-sophisticated Systems, Cooling systems etc.



What is an industrial fan?
Industrial fans are ideal for areas where heat stratification, dampness, and stagnant air become frequent problems. Therefore, for high volume, high static pressure, an industrial fan is the solution. 

What is a misting fan?
Misting fans utilize cool air and moisture to refresh and reduce temperatures on hot, dry days. They are primarily used outdoors and are great for outdoor parties, sporting events, sunbathing, Gardening , Farming and more.

What is an exhaust fan?
Exhaust fans add ventilation and also help eliminate moisture and odor problems. Thus, they improve both your home and health.

How do I mount a Wall Fan?
A wall fan can make a real difference in your home's& work climate and your overall comfort levels. Most Wall fans are relatively easy to mount and only require a few simple tools. Please follow instruction on export carton or manual instructions on how to mount a Wall fan.

What is the warranty on my fan?
The limited warranty on fans varies is between 0 and 12month.

Why is it beneficial to use a fan along with an air conditioner?
You can potentially save on cooling costs by turning up your whole-house thermostat and using the breeze from a fan to help you feel cooler.

What are the power requirements for a fan?
Your fan has to use 120volts/60 hertz & 240volts/50 hertz according to Country power stability, We do not recommend using any more or less as it will damage the unit.

Can I adjust the height of my stand fan? Will it tip over?
All Shin Si Electrical Stand fans are adjustable; however, other brands of stand fans may not have this feature. Your fan manual instruction will explain how to adjust or remove poles for different heights, if you have an adjustable stand fan. Shin Si stand fans have been designed and tested to not tip over at any secured height.

Can I really save money on my electric bill with an electric fan?
Yes. An electric fan is many times more energy efficient than a standard Air Condition unit and is even better for the environment.

How can I clean the fan?
a. Before cleaning, please switch off the fan and unplug the power cord.
b. Wipe the fan with soft cloth rinsed with lightly soaped water.
c. Do not let the water wet the motor or PCB.
d. Do not use acid or alkaline liquid to clean.
e. When not in use for long time, store it in a clean and dry place.

Why does the fan blade not rotate?
Check the power point and check whether the fan blade was installed properly.

Why does the fan generate unusually loud noise during working?
a. Please check if the fan blade is assembled firmly.
b. Please check if the grid guard is assembled firmly.
c. Please check if the fan blade and guard are rubbing against each other.

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