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MNQ - 50000 MT





Specifications for heavy Fuel Oil/ Mazut M100 (GOST 10585-75)

9. Alkalinitynil
10. Gross Calorific Value Kcal/kg / KJ/kgMin 9700/41300
11. Density at 15.0 deg. C Kg/l0.8900.9200
12. Hydrogen Sulfide Content (H2S) pom0.5 max





Petroleum Refining & Marketing

Petroleum refining and marketing (R&M) is the second link in Reliance's drive for growth and global leadership in the core energy and materials value chain.



Petroleum Refining & Marketing

Petroleum refining and marketing (R&M) is the second link in Reliance's drive for growth and global leadership in the core energy and materials value chain.

The Jamnagar manufacturing division is the world's largest refining hub. The entire refining complex was built in a record time at globally competitive capital costs – in fact, at costs much lower than comparable refineries around the world. Its scale, design, flexibility, level of automation and degree of integration heralded the way refineries of the future would be built. The speedy growth of the complex lies at the heart of India's transformation. It has transformed India from being a net importer of petroleum products to a net exporter, thereby ensuring the nation's energy security.

With a crude processing capacity of 1.24 million Barrels Per Stream Day (BPSD), the Jamnagar refinery is a trendsetter and has won several awards, including the prestigious 'International Refiner Of The Year' award. It also enjoys the distinction of housing some of the world's largest units, such as the Fluidised Catalytic Cracker (FCC), Coker, Alkylation, Paraxylene, Polypropylene, Refinery off-gas (ROG) cracker and Petcoke gasification plants.

Fuels from the Jamnagar refinery are exported to several countries across the world. This complex refinery is future-ready and can produce gasoline and diesel of any grade. Reliance also has another refinery – the sixth-largest in the world – in the Special Economic Zone at Jamnagar. This refinery has a capacity for processing 580,000 BPD of crude.

Key Components of the R&M Business Model

Reliance's technical, operational and logistic strengths act as the fulcrum to leverage its refineries' asset utilisation and optimisation, the key components of the R&M business model. These strengths, coupled with our highly integrated plants and automated processes, augment our R&M business's operating efficiencies. Moreover, our refineries are strategically located on the west coast of India, offering the benefits of low transportation costs for feedstock and proximity to high-growth markets.

The goal of the R&M business is to deliver industry-leading returns and be a source of medium-term growth while focusing on health, safety and


Our refinery at Jamnagar processes a wide variety of crude oils and produces a range of petroleum products for exports as well as supply in the Indian market.










Jet /Aviation Turbine Fuel


Superior Kerosene Oil


High-Speed Diesel




Petroleum Coke





Packaging & Shipping

 Barrel & fule Vessel  We arrange to ship




Our Services


To Supply the under-listed Products for Immediate Spot and Contract sales. The Supply is guaranteed to meet the Specifications and pass through the stringent requirements of SGS or Equivalent. Financial statement from the Buyer's bank clarifying the buyer's financial capability


Company Information


1. Buyer issues the Sale and Purchase Agreement for signing by Buyer with bank detail and ID proof 


2. seller issues send back the signed and sealed contract letter with bank detail & ID proof

3. If buyers want some change talk to the seller if no buyer signed with a sealed return seller

4 . seller issues a proforma invoice buyer signed with a sealed return to the seller

5. Within Ten ( 10) banking days, Buyer's Bank sends to Seller's Bank a Confirmed Transferable Irrevocable Documentary Letter of Credit LC at sight or SBLC or DLC
for the total amount of the first  delivery in full accordance with the approved verbiage of the seller' bank, If a buyer fails to issue LC within 10 Banking days, the buyer sends to pay 20% of the total cargo by TT if the buyer fails to send TT the contract letter Agreement will be cancelled 

6. Subsequently seller issues the shipping documents (FULL POP includes SGS Report) according to the contract to the executive bank before the sailing of the vessel to the buyer's destination/discharge port;

A. Copy of refinery Commitment to Supply & Product Availability.
B. Copy of Charter Party Agreement & Vessel Q88.
C. Certificate Quality and Quantity Report by SGS/OTI issued at the loading port

D. Certificate of Origin.
E. Bill of Lading



Payments - Transferable Irrevocable LC at sight or SBLC or DLC 

No advance before shipment 




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