[VLAND] Heat Resistant Alpha Amylase Liquid NE04/NE20

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[VLAND] Heat-Resistant Alpha Amylase Liquid NE04/NE20
As a new liquefaction enzyme preparation, high temperature A-amylase is widely used in fermentation industry. Its thermal stability is determined by the thermal stability of protein itself, so it is widely used in alcohol and beer brewing industry.
The effective pH range of high efficiency and high temperature resistant α-amylase is from 5.2 to 8.0, and the optimal pH range is from 5.4 to 6.2.
The action temperature range of high efficiency and high temperature resistant α-amylase is from 60 to 105°C. The optimum action temperature range is 85-97℃, liquefies rapidly at 90℃, remains quite vigorous at 100℃, and has good thermal stability at the time of liquefaction by injection. The instantaneous temperature can be maintained at 105℃ for 5~7 minutes.
30kg Drums, or Customized Package.
Free Sample.
More Activity, Grade can be customized, contact us for detailed info.

Product Name
Heat-resistant alpha-amylase
40,000U/ml; 200,000U/ml
1.15~1.25 g/ml

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Vland Biotech, founded in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China in 2005, A-share Mainboard in 2019 (SHA: 603739). We specialize in bio-manufacturing technology, and providing eco-friendly energy conservation solutions. Our products span various industries, such as agriculture animal husbandry, including enzyme preparations, microecology, animal health products, etc.
Our headquarters boasts a 1430-strong team and an excellent R&D team comprising 33 doctors, 13 senior engineers, and over 100 masters, and has set up eight technology centers and two professional laboratories. We have led 33 national-level specific projects, such as international cooperation projects and the national 863 programs, and contributed to the formulation of 52 national and industry standards in the enzyme preparation and animal health industries, 48 of which have been promulgated.

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