Вьетнамская рисовая лапша/Фо Вьетнам/производство знаменитой сухой лапши Вьетнама

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Along with noodles and vermicelli, pho is also considered a typical dish of Vietnamese people. Currently, there are many types of pho noodles for consumers to choose from. Among them, dry rice flour noodles are the most popular.

Dried pho is a variation of traditional pho - which is the dish that makes up the "national soul" of Vietnamese cuisine. Dried Noodles appears in many delicious dishes from luxurious restaurants to simple, rustic or family meals. It must be said that the productionprocess of dry pho of processing facilities is almost the same, but there will be a few small points that make the difference of each manufacturer, resulting in different quality of pho noodles.

Master Fresh+ products bring the purest, most original flavor of this dish with the design of thin, soft, just tough noodles and the distinctive color of the new rice that will make it easy for chefs to use. The seasoning package with an exclusive recipe will bring the typical Hanoi flavor back to your family's cozy kitchen. Every customer is a chef- Just beef at the supermarket, combined with our full-fiber seasoning and whole white rice noodle soup, you can enjoy Vietnamese food to its fullest.


Product name
Ha Noi rice noodle - Pho
Brand name
Master Fresh+ 
Place of origin
Dried Noodle
100% pure rice starch
400gr/ box
OEM service
High quality
OBM Brand Bag Or custom

Preserving dry pho is very simple?
As for the original and unused packages of dry pho, you can store it in a cool, dry place, avoid humid places and direct sunlight. Besides, you should pay attention to check the use time and do not store dry pho for too long to ensure the quality and taste of pho. As for the opened packages of pho, you just need to seal the mouth of the bag and put it in a dry place such as the kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator compartment.
If you see a dry pho that has a black mold or an unpleasant odor, you need to throw it away immediately, but don't regret it but wash it and use it because it may cause poisoning or illness for the body.

Our Process

Step 1: Choose ingredients to make delicious pho noodles
Rice starch contains organic substances that have gelatinization and film-forming effects. Since then, the film-forming properties of rice starch are applied in the production of rice noodles. The standard rice used in the production of dry pho must be delicious rice, free from termites, molds or impurities.
Step 2: Soak rice.
The step of soaking rice in the dry noodle production process will help the rice grains to be clean of dirt. But the most important purpose is that by soaking the rice, the rice grains are soft and easy to grind. During the soaking process, the water will penetrate into the rice grain, making it softer, favorable for the drunken process.
Step 3: Blend
Considered an essential step in the production process of dry pho. The milling process will grind the rice grains into starch, thereby making the process of coating rice noodles easy and the surface smooth. When grinding, we must add water to make the process easier. Usually the ratio of water: rice is 1:1.

Step 4: Mix
After grinding, we mix the powder with water in the right ratio. If you want the noodle soup to increase its toughness and preserve it for a long time, people often mix it with tapioca flour, tapioca flour or salt (increasing water retention).
Step 5: Toss rice noodle
This is called the setting process of rice starch. The following powder mixed in the above step will be coated on the fabric surface. This side of the fabric is placed over a pot of boiling water to provide heat to cook the dough. Then close the lid for about 2 minutes and then use a thin bamboo stick to pick up the cake layer.
Step 6: Drying and cutting the noodles
The drying process will help facilitate the cutting process, usually about 3 hours. After draining, will use a cutter to cut into yarn.
Hand-dried in dry, good weather conditions. The sun will help dry the noodles, both saving costs and making the noodles more fragrant.

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From rice grains, flexible cakes, pies, and steamed cakes were also born as a creation of the ancestors. Vietnamese people and tourists from all over the world are familiar with the image of shoe cake, banh chung, rice cake, ú, molded cake, pies, pancakes, shrimp puffs, rice paper... The diversity of tastes in recent years has ended the combinations of flavors, colors, spices from many regions, many different national geographic areas, so products from rice grains have become popular. global style. Vietnamese products are coming closer to tourists, as well as creating new taste trends in the session of connection, exchange and diversification. From pure Vietnamese rice, pure traditional dishes, we want to bring a Vietnamese identity to the world.


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