[WANDODA] суп из Морского Ушка, вкусный острый томатный Рисовый Порошок, Корейская пища быстрого приготовления, питательная еда (10000012117223)

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Product Overview


Product Description


Abalone chowder
Storage Type
Room temperature
Home Meal Replacement
Shelf Life
9 months
rice powder
Place of Origin
South Korea
Box size
Quantity per box
40 packs
Daily output
10,000 packs
Quantity per pallet
45 boxes
 You can enjoy thick soup reflecting the trend of convenience foods following the increase of one-person households. It’s a HMR(Home Meal Replacement) substitute food for one meal. It’s a Korean style of premium nourishing meal using domestic abalone 100% instead of clam or crab meat as in the existing chowder.
 · With two kinds of taste, a cream taste and a tomato spicy taste, it can be used for diverse kinds of dishes. 
 · It’s based on rice powder, so can be digested easily. 
 · The thickness of the sauce and the chewy texture of abalone are in harmony. 
 · It’s very convenient because only 2-minute cooking in a microwave oven is enough.
How to eat
Abalone chowder risotto - Put abalone chowder and one bowl of cooked rice in a pan, mix and fry them well, sprinkle parsley powder, and then enjoy it! 
Abalone chowder pasta - Fry boiled pasta noodles and abalone chowder together. Sprinkle parsley powder on the pasta and then enjoy it. 
Heated abalone chowder - Microwave oven: Open it and heat it for 2 minutes(700w). 
Heating : Heat it for 5-6 minutes as in a bag and then stir it enough before eating it.

Packing & Delivery

Box size 320 X 315 X 225 mm
Unit 230 g
Quantity per box 40 packs
Daily output 10,000 packs
Minimum order amount 90 boxes
Quantity per pallet 45 boxes

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