Камуфляжная бейсболка

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Kalpak Features:
Black Color
Has a Keep Warm Feature
It's Artificial Leather
Bork is known as a men's hat or ap in Turks. In the past, it was made of animal hides and processed leather, and later of felt and broadcloth. Bork was used in Turkmen tribes living in Iran and Anatolia, in Seljuk and Ottoman armies. It is written in the sources that Osman Bey wore a red broadcloth börk. During the reign of Yildirim Bayezid, it was also worn by the members of the army for the first time, and after this date it became the official headdress of the janissary corps.

The legendary hat of the Turks, which will keep your head warm in winter days, even used in today's TV series.a (1).jpga (2).jpga (3).jpga (4).jpga (5).jpga (6).jpg

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