Aluminum profile elliptical type communication room aluminum alloy ladder type wiring frame connecting base fixed extension (10000012602503)

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Product Overview


Customized Service
Custom CNC Machining Parts of Most Materials
* cnc machining parts
* cnc milling part
cnc turning part
Our Advantages:
1.) 24 hours online service & Quickly Quote/Delivery.2.) 100% QC quality
inspection before delivery,and can provide quality inspection form.3.) 10+ years of experience in the CNC machining area and have a senior design team to offer perfect modification suggestions.

 CNC Machine Service
 Aluminum, Stainless steel & Steel, Brass,Bronze,Titanium,etc
 CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC turn-milled, Laser cutting
Surface Treatment
Aluminum:Clear Anodized Color Anodized Sandblast Anodized,ChemicalFilm, Brushing, Polishing,Chroming
Stainless Steel:Polishing, Passivating,
Sandblasting,Laser engraving
Steel: Zinc plating, Oxide black, Nickel Plating, Chrome Plating, Carburized,Heat Treatment. Powder Coated
Quality Assurance
ISO9001:2018,RoHS, TUJV,IATF16949
Drawing Accepted
Solid Works,Pro/Engineer,AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF,STEP.

About the quotation 
A: The customer provides drawings (format: CAD.PDF.STP) or samples, drawings require clear processing quantity, material precision and tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements.

B: The quotation time (given as soon as 3 minutes, not more than 3 hours late, except for special circumstances), after receiving the drawings or samples, we will definitely reply to the customer.Product specifications, colors, craftsmanship, etc. can be customized, please contact customer service for details

About quality
We check every process at all levels, strictly control the quality of the product, and filter out the defects of each product. 

Cooperation process 
First contact us with the processed drawings through customer service, and our technicians will give you feedback and quotation as soon as possible. After you confirm, take a picture of the product, and then arrange processing.

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