High Quality Split Yellow Toor Dal Healthy Protein Rich Toor Dal From India Manufactures With Best Custom Packing (10000012852130)

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characteristics of pulses :
They are packed with nutrients and have a high protein content, making them an ideal source of protein particularly in regions
where meat and dairy are not physically or economically accessible.

Pulses are low in fat and rich in soluble fibre, which can
lower cholesterol and help in the control of blood sugar

Specifications of Raw Materials:

The USDA grading system is used for peas with a variety of intended uses. For the successful manufacture of canned peas, the
following specifications are typical of those used by commercial canners.
Green dry peas should meet the following criteria:
* Bleached peas <10 % unless individually agreed with specific consignment
* Total amount of peas of contrasting classes <0.3 %
* Amount of peas that turn black on canning <0.02 %
* Shriveled peas <2.0 %
* Amount of peas showing visible cracks in seed coat <3.0 %
* Amount of split peas <0.5 %
* Amount of damaged peas <1.0 %
* Amount of weevil damaged peas<3.0 %
* Amount of defective peas <4.0 %
* Amount of foreign matter <0. 1 %
* Free of live weevils
* Number of peas containing dead mature weevil: not more than one pea in a sample of 20 pounds
* Moisture content <14 % by drying at 105° Celsius (221° Fahrenheit)

Green Grams :
Green gram, originated in India where it has been cultivated for millennia.
It spread, in early times, to other Asian countries
and later to Africa, Australia, the Americas, and West Indies.
India is the largest producer, followed by China. It’s also grown
in many tropical African countries.
Chickpeas :
The bushy 60-cm (2-foot) plants bear feathery pinnately compound leaves. The small white or reddish flowers often have distinctive
veins in blue or purple and are usually self-pollinated. The yellow-brown or dark green beans are borne one or two to a pod. There
are large- and small-seeded varieties.
Masoor Dal :
Masoor Dal is a creamy spiced lentil dish that’s delicious to enjoy over rice. This popular Indian recipe features lovely red
lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, and lots of rich and savory spices. Follow my simple steps to make a healthy, tasty Masoor
Dal recipe for a satisfying and healthy meal.

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