16C001 Gen2 Безыгольный разъем Y для 2,8 мм трубки (10000012873939)

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P/N : 16C001

For OD 2.8mm tubing, please contact us that we can discuss what's size suit for you.
We also have OEM change the tubing size service.
The products is non sterile, if you need sterile finish products welcome to contact us!

Gen2 connector --- Neutral pressure, low residual

This Gen2 NFC (Needle Free Connector) patent has obtained the protection of many national invention patents in the world, including the approval of the European Union. This innovative invention solves the common blood return condition in medical clinics. If the needle-free connector mechanism does not protect the cavity, the blood will cause thrombosis when the blood is returned to the needle-free connector cavity. The medical staff has to spend time and cost to inject the anticoagulant. When the needle is pulled, the conduction tube is retracted and closed. This neutral design, because the bottom is closed, when the patient raises the arm and causes blood to return, it does not return to the cavity.
If In the cavity will triggering a thrombus, so our Gen2 needle-free connector greatly reducing the risk of secondary infection. Our needle-free connector technology and patents specifically address this situation for medical staff and patients. When the needle is closed, the catheter is closed first, then the surface is sealed, the flat design is easy to disinfect, the catheter design is cylindrical and there is no corner, and the world's minimum residue. The amount of 0.016ml will not cause many problems of flushing and waste of liquid medicine.

Comply with the ISO 594 standards (ISO 80369-7), and can comply with most other infusion products.
The swabable surface design fits most clinical practices, easy to swabbed and no residual
on the surface.
Neutral pressure and low residual design, only 0.016ml priming volume.

Transparent appearance, easy to visualize
the fluid path and to operate.
Design of miniaturization, suitable for pediatrics 
or other small needleless infusion device.

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* Materials - Medical grade polycarbonate and medical grade silicone, biocompatibility test pass.
* Pressure type - Neutral pressure.
* Functional activation - Up to 200 actuations.
* ​Flow rate - 130 ~ 165 ml / min (at 35.4 inch head height).
* Residual volume - 0.016ml
* Reflux Volume - 0.01ml
* Flush Volume - Minimal dead space (also referred to as residual volume) of 0.016 mL allows for lower flush volumes.
* Disconnect force - <1kg
* Pressure leakage​​ - 40 PSI ~ 70 PSI of air (Disconnection) (for different item number) / 24kg/cm2 (350PSI) of air (Connection)
* Alcohol - Compatible : Yes.
* Lipid - Compatible : Yes.

Company Profile

One (ISO class 8 / US class 100 000) cleanrooms over 661 sq meters for injection and assemble.
Cleanrooms certified to ISO 14644 for airborne particulate


Our Advantages

30 years experience
for Mold design
Established since 1989, have over 30 years of experience of mold manufacturing.

We have made multiple molds for gear parts, medical consumables, medical equipments,

electronic mechanism, stationary and other plastic injection mold.

With all those expertise and wealth of experience, we are confident of mold making.

We can make different kinds of mold products with any functional requirements.
Product development
Programme costing
Fit for purpose analysis

Material selection: Suitability to meet client specifications, suggestions on alternatives to existing materials.

Simple Mold Flow Analysis
Design for manufacture
Tool, component & device design
CAD modelling
3D modelling (SoildWorks)
A continuous line service

If you have a sample or just a conceptual plan, or even a thought of making a future plastic medical product, we can discuss and
make it together. or you want to start producing, Chi Feng also can producing, assembling and deliver the products.


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For Air cargo and ship cargo
Each size are 36*36*30cm
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QC for every box.
Have LOT# to check.

We can print your LOGO on the box

(Just samples use sticker label)

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