Top quality Type Grade ISO Fresh Place Model PAPAYA Fresh Papaya (10000013344883)

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Papaya is an extremely healthy tropical fruit, with a cool, sweet taste and attractive color. The effects of papaya have long been proven through a range of health benefits, making it a popular fruit.

Papaya can provide the body with essential vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Papaya is used to create nutritious fruit smoothies. Papaya is a tropical fruit that is very popular in Vietnam.


Why do you choose NHP FOODS'S Fresh Papaya?

NHP FOODS is strict right from the selection of raw materials:

- Fresh Papaya is imported from clean, safe, clear origin from domestic - Vietnam and has certificates of origin from farmers. Product requirements: - Papaya must be intact, healthy, not crushed or damaged to the point of being unfit for use. - Clean, no foreign impurities visible to the naked eye - Not damaged by pests. - No abnormal moisture on the outside of the case, except for condensation due to fresh release from the cold storage unit. - Without any strange smell and/or taste. - The flesh is firm. - Fresh fruit form. - Not damaged by low temperature. - No black spots or black dots. - Not bruised. - Fully developed and of proper maturity. - If the fruit has a stem, the stem should not be longer than 1.0cm. - Easy to make into cool smoothies. Currently we supply fresh papaya in large quantity, papaya has a very characteristic natural sweetness, intense fresh papaya flavor and mild aroma, bright yellow color.

Supply Ability: 4-5 Cont40 per Day



Packing: Carton: 5Kg/10Kg per carton or required

Storage: +6 degrees Celsius

Ventilation: 25CBM/H

Use time: 25 - 30 Days.



Alibaba's product prices include export tax in compliance with applicable laws, and delivery fees to port of loading in Vietnam. However, the actual price may be differences base on require quality, quantity, packing.

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