Taiwan Made High Quality HID Blue tooth Low Energy LE 4.0 TI CC 2541 Wireless Module (10000015114767)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Power Supply
Antenna Type
Support Protocol
BLE 4.0
Output Power
0 dbm
RX Sensitivity (dbm)
-94 dbm
Current Draw(Tx/RX/Sleep)
Module Size

Company Profile

With over 18 years of experience in professional logical design/ firmware design, mechanical engineering, molding design, and manufacturing capabilities since 2004, Digimore Electronics Co., Ltd provides ODM services with different modules including Wireless 4.0, 4.2 & 5.0 module, keyboard modules, and Touchpad module for KVM, stand-along biometric/ fingerprint recognition modules, Finger Veins Recognition module, Keyboard Controller, Qi wireless power charger module, and etc.

To expand the business activities, Digimore Electronics invested ELSRA Medtech Co., Ltd in 2017 and developed a new generation of patch single-lead ECG recording device. The home-based ECG recording device with PSMAcpc AI cloud computing, can accurately identify the sleep health status, including sleep stages (Deep sleep, Light sleep, REM, Awakening), AHI sleep apnea, HRV autonomic nerve activity, the balance of Yin and Yang, etc. According to the results of the PSMAcpc calculation, a report is made to distinguish between human health and suboptimal health, and use it as a tracking indicator for health conditioning.

In 2009, we happened to have an opportunity to know Professor Ho while marketing PSMAcpc. He has an exclusive resonant technology and invited us to jointed marketing his products. Based on the nature of spontaneous physical resonance, he developed Hexagonal water (also known as structured water or revitalized water) generating equipment that can be applied to all water-related industries such as winery industry (Accelerated Aging Technology Solution), freshwater/sea aquaculture, hydroponic agriculture, RAS fish farming, agro planting, drip irrigation agriculture, SPA, swimming pool, industrial hot water boiler, seafood processing, beauty care (moisturizing water), animal husbandry and etc.

We have devoted our expertise to keeping pace with the rapid development in all aspects of IT applications. Now, DIGIMORE is ready to expand its activities to the health industry and push the products & services all over the world with the commitment to meet the customer's demand

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Why Choose Us

Digimore Electronics Co., Ltd has focused on IT industry since 2004. Over 18 years of experience engineering PC Peripherals design, we have successfully developed a variety of wireless input devices and module solutions including industrial keyboard modules, Touchpad modules, biometric recognition fingerprint modules, Wireless BLE modules. With professional logical design/ firmware design, mechanical engineering, mold design, manufacturing capabilities, and reliable quality control, we can deliver a total solution from concept idea to marketable reality.

Now we are also taping into the mobile health sector. We are welcome all hardware developers of ECG recording devices related to Sleep Monitor, HRV, SAHS, and any related HRV to work with our platform of PSMAcpc AI Cloud Computing Server as SaaS. We believe that our products and services can benefit not only our customers but also people's well-being in health

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