100% High tenacity variegated embroidery thread

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High tenacity polyester thread


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  1. products desrisetion

    This product is twisted by filament polyester yarn,and can twist to 2 pyls ,3plys ,4plys . It can be avaliable for all kinds of Industrial fields, special use for leather products and thick fabric.The material is made of over 8 G/D polyester filament fiber which has a uniform construction. It be strictly be twisted ,dyed . It is an exceptional thread of its type with dependable sewing performance in high-speed and critical sewing operations.



High tenacity   100% Polyester Filament Thread
80# 120D/31.50 2400m
60# 150D/32.85 1800m
40# 210D/33.60 1200m
30# 300D/34.50 900m
20# 420D/35.65 600m
10# 630D/38.00 300m
5# 840D/312.50 150m
3# 1000D/316.00 90m




2. characteristic



High tenacity polyester VS nylon thread

nylon VS polyester.jpg



Specification of high tenacity thread


The unit of high tenacity .jpgThe unit of denier.jpg



A:100% filament polyester thread more hight strenght and more recycling then nylon.


B:Hight tenacity polyester thread take particular finalize the design craft ,so that it is perfectly straight,donpt curly,easy sewing .

For nomal polyester thread will roll up when the temperature was hight. So that it seens not good to the products.


C: It has low extensibility and shrinkage 2%~3% in boiling water.



D.It has good lustre,be suit for leather products .


3. Application


A: leather shose ,specicial for girl shese.

thread for leather shoese.jpg


When sewing use 60# will not broke up,due to his hight strenght.


B:Hang bang , wallet ,sofa and other leather products.

 thread for hand bag_.jpg

C: Fur clothing, Western-style clothes




A:color cards,


B: we Can dyed 500 colors,over 100 colors we have instock.

C:Can be dyed as your sample,will be take 3~5days.






Spool weight :15g,

Small carton box is :33cones

Big carton box is :120cones.

One cone is :110G.W


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