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Ginkgo nuts are nutritious. They contain about 50 calories per ounce and virtually zero fat. Ginkgo nuts contain Thiamin, Niacin and Phosphorus as well as trace amounts of Riboflavin and Magnesium. Chinese and Japanese people have used them in folk medicine since ancient times. They suppress a cough, loosen phlegm and work for enuresis. Ginkgo nuts can be toxic if eaten in large quantities. Young children can be poisoned by the MPN(4-methoxypyridoxine)also known as Ginkgotoxin, found in the meat. Eating boiled Ginkgo nuts is safer than eating them raw. Some people are allergic to the chemicals found in the outer fleshy coating of Ginkgo nuts, so gloves should be warn when picking and preparing the nuts for consumption.

Gingko nuts can be eaten alone in small quantities or added to soups, stews and stir-fry dishes. Ginkgo nuts will last longer if they are refrigerated in their shell. The color of their shells will darken to brown when they get old. Try to eat them within two weeks of picking. If you need to store them for a long period time before they are eaten, remove shells and cook the insides in boiling water with salt. Drain and cool the nuts before storing them in the freezer. To remove the shells you can dry-fry them in a pan and peel, or use a nutcracker or a hammer to break them open.

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