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Cream honey

Cream honey is obtained by whipping honey at low speed.

The result is a fragrant dessert with a delicate, soft consistency.

It can be eaten as an independent delicacy and as an addition to baked goods: pancakes, pancakes, waffles, etc.

It contains only flower honey and ginger root. Weight 120 gr

About Us

Lesnaya Fabrica

Our company was founded 6 years ago. We started with the production of Ivan-tea and the preparation of a small amount of medicinal herbs, which are used for blending with Ivan-tea. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in production and have significantly expanded the range of products that you can see and order in our online store.

We make products from herbs that grow on the shores of the great Lake Baikal. From the collected herbs, berries, pine nuts, our specialists, in compliance with old recipes, make healing preparations that help with various ailments:

- wonderful healing fees that help with various ailments,

- blend with Ivan-tea,

- healing, warming ointments, for joints,

- the kernel of the pine nut, from which the pine nut oil is obtained,

- turpentine balms for cleansing the body.

Our honey is collected from various apiaries, also located near Lake Baikal.

Tel. 8-800-302-18-50
E-mail: bz03@bk. ru


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