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Product Information

Made in Japan (FSSC 22000), natural ingredients and genuine taste.
Handcrafted style in small batches using a exclusive process to give you the best taste and flavor without any bitterness.
Our products are used in over 35 countries around the world.
Make good use of our citrus seasonings and sweets in your cooking, drinking and desserts.

Product name
Natsumikan Marmalade
Brand Name
Yuzuya Honten
Place of Origin
Summer oranges, granulated sugar, pectin (derived from citrus fruits)
Best-by date
180 days from the date of manufacture

Enjoy the carefully processed Natsumikan peels and transparent golden syrup, together creating a harmony of fragrance.

It is a classic product with a rich aroma that is not too sweet and has a moderate bitterness that blends together.
It's for people who like natsumikan (bitter summer orange) taste.

The peels used for marmalade are carefully processed one by one by hand.
At the Yuzuya Honten, in order to maximize the flavor of citrus fruits, we use a copper pot with good heat conduction to quickly cook and finish.
The manufacturing room is filled with the refreshing and elegant scent of summer oranges.

Many magazines such as "Fujin Gaho", "CREA", "MAQUIA", "momo", and "Grazia" featured the products of Yuzuya Honten! Not only in magazines, but also on TV and radio.

To fully enjoy the texture of the peel, use this Marmalade as a topping on cream or combine it with yogurt.
Ideal as an accompaniment to buttered toast, or serve with clotted cream for an enchanting afternoon tea.
Goes well with nuts and cream cheese, too. Try it out in your home baking Natsumikan-flavored snacks and more.

We can provide samples, though for a fee.
Please contact us for more information.

Company Information

Yuzuya, our company is established in January 1978, and in February 1981, incorporated of enterprise up to now. The theme of Yuzuya is “From the sky of Hagi, From the earth of Hagi” and It costs a lot of time and expenses but we try best and keep it in mind to pursuit and put all our heart on producing the genuine natural flavor from local ingredients.

We keep the principle of pursuing supreme flavor & genuine taste by making original Yuzu products since 1978 in Japan. All of our products are carefully crafted one by one and contains no food additives. By using the best ingredients and keeping the strict criteria of the Food Safety Management System(FSSC22000), we currently export to over 35 countries. We are committed to contributing to a healthy and delicious food culture through the production of natural & high quality citrus products.

Raw materials are Daidai, Yuzu, Natsumikan and other citruses and so on, grown locally mainly. Part of the ingredients are from our own direct farm. Daidai or Yuzu are squeezed one by one which takes a lot of time and also we mature part of the juice more than 10 months in consistent temperature. This process makes it mild and rich taste. Product plant like produce small amount style and all the products are totally additive free and handmade. You can watch someone work in the plant all the year round in the plant. Continuously, we, all the Yuzuya staff members will try make effort working on producing good products to meet your expectation with this currency of health and natural high-intention. We hope you will continue to patronize our safe products with our sincerity.

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