Lower cholestrol & blood pressure apple vinegar drink bottle

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Plum Vinegar

Plum Vinegar is made of apple vinegar, plum and sugar. It is commonly used to make vinegar pickled food, and also for sushi rice to make Chirashi and hand-rolled sushi.

To make sushi rice, add salt & sugar to achieve the balance of sweet, salty and sourish taste.
To enjoy as it is, please dilute plum vinegar 4 times with water.

- Benefits -
Good for the immune system
Eliminate body toxins
Lower cholestrol & blood pressure
Lower blood sugar levels
Prevent constipation
Weight loss

Ingredients: Fully Ripen Plum, Apple vinegar and sugar

- In Singapore, we have more regular customers to enjoy this for their health concern especially.
- OEM and customised are not available but to provide sample is available

Plum Vinegar
Fully Ripen Plum, Apple vinegar and sugar

Company Profile

Taimatsu Soukensha Co., Ltd.

"A happy family through a piece of Ume"
As a self-styled Plum Sommelier, Mr. Matsuyama founded Taimatsu Sokensya and opened the very first Ume specialty store in Miyazaki Japan. In 2013, with the desire to convey the benefits and tradition of consuming Japanese plums to more people in the world we have expanded our business to Singapore in 2015. In 2018, we are certified as Friendly Partner in Miyazaki Prefecture. We keep builting deep ties with farmers and a deep network with ume processing companies. Our goal is to introduce not only plums, but also more varieties of healthy products that Japan has to offer so as to let people be more familiar with healthy eating.

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