Long lasting used repeatedly large custom made logo square paper clip (11000000757173)

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Slide Clip Type-XL

Product Name
Slide Clip Type-LL
Brand Name
Tokyo Kinzoku Industry Co., Ltd.
Place Of Origin

Just push the top with the document in the gripper
You can use slide clip with light force
Type-XL can hold up to 90 pages.

Slide Clips won't tear or rip like staples and won't crease pages like paper/binder clips. Slide Clips are made out of stainless steel and won't rust or leave marks.

Easy to use over and over!
It is convenient for organizing your documents.

Economical because it is durable, long-lasting, and can be used repeatedly!

The slide clip is made up of two parts, a cover and a gripper.

Convenient for organizing and managing documents.

*Multiple packaging optional

Company Profile

TOKYO KINZOKU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (TOHKIN) has been thinking about “clipping” for more than 64 years. We have handled more than 2000 types of pen clips to date. We can boast annual production of 200 million clips via integrated production. Offering top-quality professional products is fundamental, so we have received orders from all the Japanese leading writing implements companies.
While, as another category, one of our masterpieces, SLIDE CLIP which is a paper clip has received multiple awards.

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