Nulite spa water heater 10KW 16KW 21KW aie source inverter swimming pool heat pump

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Product Overview


Mini R32 Pool Heat Pump pompe a chaleur piscine Inverter Pool Heat Pump

* Fully inverter driven with variable speed fan and compressor to deliver the lowest running costs with maximum heat output
* High efficiency with COPs of up to 16. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, up to 16kw of heat is returned to the pool.
* Equipped with an easy to use touch screen display/control panel.
* Top quality GMCC&MitsubishI variable speed inverter compressor
* Brushless variable speed DC fan motor – very efficient with extremely quiet operation
* Control panel is lockable to prevent tampering with the pool set temperature (useful for rented properties)
* Provides cooling and heating of pool water
* Suitable for pools, swim spas, hot tubs and koi ponds etc
* Soft start with reduced electrical startup requirements for properties with sensitive or limited power supplies
* Low noise, variable speed fan.
* Corrosion resistant case
* Microprocessor controlled
* Automatic hot gas defrosting.
* Built in timer and clock
* Set Temperatures for this model are 12 to 43 degrees
* Silent mode
* Titanium heat exchanger – resistant to corrosion from chlorine or salt pools.
* Operates in air temperatures as low as -15 °C.
* 2-Year Warranty for all parts, 5 years specially for compressor.

Heat Pump Type
Air Source Heat Pump
Nulite New Energy 
5 units for each model
Suitable Market
Ambient temp (-15℃ ~ 43℃)
Spa Jacuzzi Heating
20 days after payment

Product Paraments

COP And Performance

COP can reach to 16
Nulite Pool heat pumps can work well with outside air temperatures as low as -15c.
The COP (Coefficient of Performance) can up to 16, 1kw of electricity consumed by the heat pump will output 16kw of heat to your pool !

Extremely Quiet Operation

The NL-PBY Inverter series work very silently thanks to a unique internal ventilation system and the inverter technology. Both the fan and compressor automatically adjust their speed to match the pool heat demand, therefore once the pool is up to temperature, the unit can operate with reduced power consumption and noise.

Touching screen & App Controls

NL-PBY series adapts fashion touching screen controller, wifi&App control is also built in, buyers can control the heat pump with their phone after download a free App.
The NL-PBY display will show:
* The current pool water temperature
* The mode (e.g. heating or cooling)
* Clock/time
* If the timer function has been set
* If the fan is operating
* The current time and date
* The outside ambient temperature
* If there is a fault, a fault code is displayed to explain the problem
* There is a protective flap over the display to protect it from the weather and UV rays from the sun
* Inlet water temperature
* Outlet water temperature


The Nulite heat pumps come with a 2-year warranty on all components and 5-year warranty on the compressor.
* 2-year warranty on all components
* 5-year warranty on the compressor

Packing& Delivery

Packing: Carton for Spa Jacuzzi swimming Pool Heat Pump.
Delivery: 3 to 5 days after full payment if has stocks, 20 days for producing.
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF DAP DDP is available, normally shipping by sea or by train, if shipping by air, the refrigerant should be empty before packing.

Company Profile

NuLite, A leading OEM ODM inverter split heat pump R&D and manufacturer in China. Currently with the high efficiency ASHP of:
1. Apartment/Villa Inverter Heating/Cooling Heat Pump (3-38KW, 30-350m2)
2. -25°C EVI Heating Heat Pump (9-210KW)
3. Sanitary All in One Heat Pump (80-320L)
4. Spa Hot Tub Swim Pool Heat Pump (3-150KW)
5. Commercial Central HVAC Heat Pump (10-180KW)
6. Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump (3-150KW)
7. Fan Coil Unit & Water Tank (50L-10T)
8. Mini Hot Water Geyser Heat Pump(3-10KW)

Nulite NEW ENERGY (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd(Guangdong Nulite NEW ENERGY Group), located at Guangzhou City, is the China-Singapore Joint Venture established in 2003, with three main modern manufacturing factory covering 150,000 square meters, 1,200,000 units production ability and over 1,500 employees.Nulite NEW ENERGY, as one of the largest air source heat pump manufacturer in China.

Our quality management system was certified in conformity with ISO9001, ISO14001 Standards, heat pumps with CE, EMC, erP, CB certificated. And also with customized OEM/ODM services for distributors all over the world.Now Nulite NEW ENERGY/NuLite-Brand Heat Pump has been exported to more than 100 countries, even well installed and stable used at China North & South Pole Expedition Site Kunlun Station. And we are also the 18th Indonesia Jakarta Asian Games Official Partner, providing of central heating cooling& hot water solutions for the grand Asian sports competition fields.

Overview Of Factory

Our Professional Workshop

Our Modern laboratory

Customer Feedback


Q: What are “Inverter Driven” heat pumps?
A: Pool heat pumps generally fall into two types:-
1. Inverter driven
2. On-Off
Inverter driven heat pumps are a newer generation of heat pumps. They are variable speed which allows the fan and compressor to
run at different speeds according to the demand from the pool.
On/Off heat pumps can only run at 100% or turn off. They are not variable speed.

Q: I use salt in my pool rather than chlorine, will this damage the heat pump?
A: No, all of our pool heat pumps have titanium heat exchangers which are resistant to damage from salt, chlorine or bromine used in pools. In fact salt pools generate chlorine from the salt water and so are effectively the same as chlorine based pools. Only the method of generation of the chlorine is different.

Q: What is the difference between R410a and R32 refrigerant gas?
A: At present, pool heat pumps use either R410a or R32 refrigerant gas to operate.The refrigerant gas is contained inside the heat pump in a pressurised and sealed circuit. The compressor pumps the refrigerant gas around the refrigerant circuit in the heat pump so that the refrigerant gas can absorb heat from the air and transfer this heat to the heat exchanger in the heat pump to heat your pool water.Both R410a and R32 gases are environmentally friendly.They are also very efficient and there is virtually no difference in the operating efficiency of the two gases. R32 is slightly more environmentally friendly than R410a gas and has a lower GWP rating (global warming potential). This is only relevant if the refrigerant gas were to leak into the atmosphere. Under normal operation, the refigerant gas remains in the sealed refrigerant circuit - like your fridge and should never leak.The disadvantage of R32 gas is that is is highly flammable and also runs at a higher pressure than R410a. Many airlines therefore will not carry heat pumps that contain R32 gas whereas they will carry those with R410a gas.Both gases are well serviced and maintained by engineers. As there is no operating difference between the two gases and they are both well supported, we believe that it should not be a major factor in selecting a pool heat pump.

Q: How long will the heat pump run for each day?
A: Just like the boiler in your house, the heat pump will run for different amounts of time each day depending on the weather.
On warm summer days when the pool is up to temperature, the heat pump may not need to run at all. Whereas on cooler days, the heat pump may run for a few hours.In extremely cold weather (eg below +5c) the heat pump may need to run for 12 hours a day or more.

Q:How do I turn the heat pump on and off at the required times?
A:Most of our heat pumps include a water flow switch. This means that they will only operate when your pool pump is turned on and water is flowing through the heat pump.You can therefore control when your heat pump operates simply by using a time clock on your water pump.Some heat pump models also have a timer built into the digital control panel. This allows you to turn the heat pump on and off at set times independently from the pool pump. Note that the pool pump always needs to be operating for the heat pump to work.

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