Korean Solmoi Roasted & Seasoned Laver (Shushi Nori) Seaweed Snack with Avocado Oil 4g 8sheets 3Pack (11000000980839)

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General Information

HS Code
Slelf Life
12 mouth
Minimum Order Quantity
10 Cartons (1,000 Packs)
Daily Production Volume
5,000 Packs
Payment Terms
T/T, Irrevocable L/C, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal
Basic Price Terms
F.O.B. Busan Port / Incheon Airport, Korea
Shipment Period
Shipment will be completed within 10 days After Balance Payment
Departing Port
Busan Port or Incheon Port (Ocean Freight ),
Incheon Airport (Air Freight)

Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Korea is the largest producer of laver seaweed in the world.
There are two famous laver production regions, Wan Island of South coast and Kwangcheon of West coast in Korea.

Solmoi F & C Co., Ltd. is the Korean Kwangcheon seasoned laver seaweed producer established in 1988.

Solmoi F & C Co., Ltd. has been making continuous R&D efforts to create a secure and hygienic production environment and keep the traditional taste since establishment.

On the basis of such continuous R&D efforts, Solmoi F & C Co., Ltd. developed over 40 types of laver seaweed products including dried laver seaweed, various seasoned laver seaweed, seaweed snacks etc... In addition, Solmoi F & C Co., Ltd. acquired various certificates such as; ISO 22000, SQF(Safty Quality Food), HACCP etc…

Actually, our Kwangcheon laver seaweed products are exporting to more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Japan, France, Netherlands, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kazakhstan, New Zealand etc…

We will be striving to capture the taste of people in the world with original laver seaweed flavors and traditional recipes continuously.

Korean Seaweed

How to distinguish good quality laver

The surface of the laver seaweed should be less blemishes.
The color of laver seaweed should be more black and glossy.
Good quality laver seaweed should contain less sea lettuce which has green color.
High quality laver seaweed has no margin and the even surface, has a glaucous color when it is baked.

Why Korean laver seaweed is the best?

Korea has the longest history of laver seaweed cultivation in the world based on optimum cultivation environment.

Korean laver seaweed cultivation began in the 1600's on the south and west coasts, where Koreans placed bamboo and oak branches on the tidal flats and made the laver to stick to those branches.

Traditional laver seaweed cultivation methods are gradually decreasing due to the tidal-flat pollution following industrialization and reclamation projects in Korea. But there are still many producers who use conventional methods of producing laver from the southern coast of Wan Island and islands near Kwangcheon in western coast. So their laver seaweed is popular to consumers because of un-comparable good taste.

Korea's annual yield of laver is about 12.2 billion sheets, which is about half of the world's 25 billion sheets.

The quality of laver seaweed varies depending on the place and time of production.
The best growth conditions of laver are the proper water temperature (8 Celsius Degree), suitable salinity and tide flow to create a good product.

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