AAYEE NEW ORIGINAL Auto Gate Autogate Motor Sliding Gates Automatic Door Openers Operators

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As the main core of electric sliding gates-the choice of electric gate openers is very important. AAYEE sliding gate motors have a variety of models, ranging from load-bearing gates 400 kg to 3000 kg gates, frequent opening types, overheating protection types, Resistance rebound type, fast switching type. AAYEE products ensure product safety, quality, reliability and durability.

G6 wifi set
G8 wifi set
G15 wifi set
G20 wifi set
Power Supply
Power of Motor
Output Pinion
19 Tooth Mod 4
19 Tooth Mod 4
19 Tooth Mod 4
19 Tooth Mod 4
Operating Speed
Maximum Gate length
Shipping Mass of Unit
Maximum Gate Mass

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Standard accessories of automatic sliding gate opener set
* 1 pcs gate motor * build-in control board
* 4 pcs remote controls
* 2 pair of photocell
* 1 pcs flash lamp
* 4M gear racks
* 2 pcs release keys
* 1 English user manual
* 1 pair of magnets
* 1 metal mounting plate
* bolts & nuts

Optional accessories of Wifi controller
This WIFI smart switch controller could be directly connected to the power circuit, use APP to add devices and connect to your
WIFI router, so as to achieve networking and remote control without adding a host.
Anytime, anywhere, mobile phone remote intelligent control , to create your smart life.

Sliding Gate Opener Set Carton Package

Installation Precautions

1. The motor cannot be installed on a slope.
2. In order to prevent the influence of freezing in winter, the running track must be installed in a place with good drainage.
3.Ensure that the door can slide smoothly on the track. Otherwise, the sensor on the sliding door motor will not be able to detect
the obstacle and the door will fail to close.
4. A limit device must be installed at the maximum opening position and closing position of the door, otherwise the door may fall
off the track during emergency unlocking.
5. Any operation and malfunction that may affect safety must be eliminated immediately.
6. The door must be stable and resistant to torsion, that is, it is not allowed to bend or twist when it is opened or closed.
7. The motor of the sliding door cannot compensate the defect of the door or its wrong installation.
8. It is not allowed to operate the sliding door motor in an explosion-hazardous area.
9. It is not allowed to operate the sliding door motor in a room with corrosive gas.

Company Profile

Aayee Tech Group
Our group was established in 2010 and is located near Hangzhou, Shanghai and Ningbo international ports. Easily traffic,perfect supply chain and sufficient spare parts support Aayee Technology to supply Stable quality and perfect service for you. In 2013 Aayee Technology
specialized in sliding gate motors for 3 years, then we extend this business line to swing gate motors,DC24V motors. Now our business production includes sliding gate motors, swing gate opener ,rolling shutter motors, car barrier and solar motor export to all over the world.
Why Choose Us
We takes the “Quality Is Life” as production standard and principle, executing complete quality assurance system involving the whole process from R&D to manufacture, so our products have enjoyed a good reputation for high quality and low failure rate among our customers.
Sometimes, what they need is very simple–reliable quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and good service,these are what we can supply.



How to choose the sliding gate opener?

1. Look at the horsepower of the motor. That is, how many gates or multiple gates could the motor open? The power of the motor is determined by the rotor parameters (diameter, stack thickness) and the motor magnetic tile.

2. Look at the waterproof performance of the motor. The waterproof performance of the motor is determined by the outlet and the sealing ring of the bottom cover. Comparing the good quality sliding door motor with the imitation products on the market, it is easy to find that the outlet wire of the high-quality big brand sliding door motor is fully sealed, and has special waterproof treatment, and the bottom cover sealing ring is made of oil-resistant rubber seal lock up.

3. Look at the length of the motor's life. The selection of materials and manufacturing technology for the worm gear, output sleeve, reducer volute, rotor support structure, mounting seat and other components of the motor determines the length of the motor's service life and the ability to resist bumps and shocks.

4. The choice of the type of automatic gate operator. If the flow of people is small, the gate opening is normal, and the investment budget is small, such as an office or office, you can choose an ordinary gate operator with a lower price. This type of gate operator could generally be used without failure, but the service life will be relatively short. If the purchase unit has good after-sales service and can provide in-place maintenance services at any time, you can use it with confidence.

5. Pay attention to the compatibility of the automatic gate motor, the gate machine is required to be compatible, and these devices can be installed. Some automatic gate operators have this kind of function, which is easy to install, but some gate operators do not have this function, and they must be equipped with many devices to install, which leads to unnecessary expenses.


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