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high pressure homogenizer can be widely used for production, research and development in the fields of foods, dairy products, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceutical products and biotechnology, etc.

1).For dairy materials, such as milk and bean milk, the fatty particles in the dairy liquid become very fine in high pressure homogenization, so that the product can be easily absorbed and the food value is raised.
2).In the production of ice scream, it can improve fineness and sponginess, so that its inner quality is highly raised.
3).In the production of materials as emulsion, latex and fruit juice, it can prevent or decrease the bedded deposit of liquid and improve the outward appearance of the liquid material, so that the color will be brighter, smell be stronger and taste purer.
4).After homogenized by this instrument, the liquid material can be made into powder through spray dryer, thus it is the main instrument in the production of powder materials.

working operation manual :
1.Preparation before start working
1) Erase ministries protection grease.
2) Check all screws and pump transmission parts, nuts are tightened.
3) Before starting the hand plate moving pulley need to check transmission components have unimpeded card or loosening.
4) In the transmission chamber into the clean oil to the oil level line, using HJ40 mechanical oil under normal circumstances, should be used in high temperature place to work HJ50 mechanical oil.
5) homogenizer regulator handle or spillover valve handle rotation to the loosest position.
6) Turn on the cooling water plunger.
7) get through the feed tube on the valve, so that the pipeline flow.
8) Check the electrical device, check the motor rotation is correct, large pulley clockwise, adjust the steering does not correspond to the order

2. Start Steering:
1) After the above preparation, start the motor light load operation, pay attention to the operation.
2) Loosen the bleed screw, remove the feed air pipe and the pump body. When the normal effluent feed liquid into the exhaust pipe, tighten the bleed screw.
3) gradually rotating the handle homogenizer, or pressure relief valve handle while observing the pressure gauge value until the desired value, pay attention to gauge reaction regulator, is sensitive and synchronization, while paying attention to the ammeter current value indicating the pressure value indicating whether the synchronization to prevent malfunction due to overload gauge.
4) the use of a homogenizer, the machine is equipped with two homogenizer, to emphasize the first stage homogenization pressure to the desired pressure of 2/3, and then adjust the second stage homogenization pressure to the desired pressure.
5) during load operation, short of the maximum pressure must not exceed 10% of the nominal worth. (No rating, etc. and more than 110%)
6) The material was filtered through every hour in advance more than 25 mesh screen or stainless steel mesh. The feed solution to avoid the debris blocking the pipe or valve.
7) constant attention to each bearing, tank temperature rise. Sound operation, and pressure changes and so on.

3.Clean and Maintaince :
1) Stop the homogenizer before the regulator should be to remove the pressure unscrew the handle.
2) Standby stops, turn off the valve on the feed line.
3) After the shutdown should be cleaned immediately. With the cleaning liquid in the pump low pressure wash cycle situation, in order to prevent deterioration of the material was deposited in the pump and pipeline, affecting the normal operation of the pump

4.high-pressure homogenizer Caution:
1) The machine is prohibited starting with pressure. Therefore, after each shutdown must unscrew the homogenizer.
2) to prohibit the operation of the machine in low lubricating oil level line on the rear window of the machine for minimum oil level line, such as low oil level will result in loss of oil and damage the crankshaft.
3) The machine is composed of a crankshaft with internal lubrication oil distribution to solve, so tight stop reverse direction, turn right in the face of large pulley clockwise.
4) Operation and maintenance of this unit should be familiar with the machine in manual prohibit illegal operation.
5) before the new machine out of the box, you must first check various parts of screws loose nut can not, must be checked after the first use of a few classes.
6) The new machines use a week to clean the oil must be replaced, or it may have foreign matter into the sliding parts, especially easy to burn out the crankshaft and bearings.
7) The machine uses advanced pressure gauge and special gauges seat, when the machine motion and pressure gauge is not working properly, you should first check whether there is oil in the table, with as Lord, please fill edible oil or glycerin.
8) The new machine for some time, you should check the drive belt tightening

5. the homogenizer practices:
1, the start: Open cooling water is normal, the power switch is normal. And first valve handle Loosen handle secondary valve injection of hot water 2/3 (water temperature 75-85 ºC) in the hopper. Then start the electric vehicle, so that the material pipe water normally flows out of hot water with the hopper in circulation, a homogenizer is preheated to the desired temperature until the material.
2, homogenizer pressure: two first booster valve. When the machine is no abnormal sound noisy, the water drained, followed by adding material. Taken to ensure continuous feed homogenizer and discharge when adding material, avoid mixing air phenomenon. When a mixture of materials and water discharge after their recyclable materials for material tube and hopper, gradually tighten the two valve handle, then the pressure gauge displays the corresponding value, then gradually tighten the secondary valve handle until the gauge shows pressure required value. Note, shall not exceed the upper limit of its rated pressure. A valve in the boost. Gradually tighten a valve handle pressure gauge shows so far in advance.
3, the material: After the completion of the procedures, so that the material tube access material container.
4, relief: work load at the end of a homogenizer, must loosen the valve handle all the work, loose secondary valve stem after stem loosening level valve, pressure gauge shows zero.
5, cleaning: the application of water after the homogenizer work (using hot water, water temperature 65-75 ºC), cleaning pump, valve work material and put clean water.
6, stop: turn off the power, turn off the cooling water.

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1.What about your factory?
Our factory is located in Wenzhou city ,Zhejiang Province and have more than 15 years experience on machinery making.

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We have a qualified expert team ,we will inspect every production proceed .also Machines will be tested in our plant before shipment .

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We provide 1 year warranty for the machine running ,but we will afford whole -life service for the machine .

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We accept Western Union, T/T ,D/P,D/C and irrevocable L/C payable etc.

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1. We enhance the reliability of product's quality and working life .
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