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Product Overview



Total height (including canopy)8440mm
Effective volume102 m³
Power supply380V/50HZ
Feeding drive device 3.0kw
Spindle drive 7.5kw
Air heater12.5kw
Auxiliary heat4.0kw
Installed power46.9kw
Operating power~27kw
Daily working ability
chicken manure,pig manure duck manure,cow manure
8-12m³(water content:60%-70%)

 10-12m³(water content:60%-70%)





Product use:

1. It is appropriate to control 60-70% of water volume.

2. 8-12 cubic meters of manure can be input every day.

3. Put into the fermenter, the aerobic bacteria will be fermented, and the temperature will rise to 65 degrees as the suitable fermentation temperature.

4. After 7 days of fermentation, the fermented organic fertilizer will be produced by the discharge belt.

5. After the organic fertilizer is produced, 8-12 cubic meters of manure can be put in again on the same day to produce a cyclic process.





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Product service:


We will provide customer installation services/video technical guidance/video installation guidance/fermentation technical support (additional payment for installation engineer’s travel expenses)

Within one year of warranty, if the customer has a problem with vulnerable parts, we will provide free delivery of accessories (postage needs to be provided by the customer)


If the customer has problems with use and parts damage, we can provide video technical guidance, and when necessary, we will provide technical support to the factory (additional payment for engineer’s travel expenses)





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