Japan natural light touch waterproof foundation makeups for dark skin

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This watercolor color is a one-touch make-up that makes the most of the beauty of bare skin without burdening the skin. Makeup does not easily come off. We protect your skin from dust and the outside air and take good care of your skin. The fine base stretches supplely with a light touch, giving you a refreshing feel.

How To Use
You can mix the three colors individually or use them individually.

1. Shake the bottle well.
2. Take a generous amount of watercolor color on the clean skin, spread it lightly over the entire palms of both hands, and then apply it with both hands so that it is pressed against the skin. At that time, if you attach the palm along the bow, it will fit your bare skin.

Product Name
Berry watercolor
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Product Category

Skin Care Oil

Washing Powder


Company Profile

Skin Care for Beauty
Berry Cosmetics is a reliable company that has been in business for over 50 years. However, we are currently ordering for those who have been using it for many years. Currently, we are reducing the types of cosmetics, so we would like to increase the number of new products and the number of people who can use them.

Beautiful workmanship
Master make-up and enter a new era

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