OAZA High Performance Cold Brew Hydrate Your Coffee Ready to Drink 8 Fl Oz Pack of 12 (Oat)

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Oaza Oat Cold Brew 
Our oat milk cold brew is the perfect balance between a super creamy oat milk latte and a bold cup of coffee with just a touch of natural sweetness.
Not everyone can slam a black coffee back before starting their busy day, and dairy milk can weigh on your stomach, so we perfected our light and refreshing oat milk cold brew recipe to be extremely chuggable as well as hydrating. We specialized an oat milk that has fewer carbs, sugar, and fat than your typical recipe without adding any unnatural ingredients or sweeteners.

Premium Cold Brew Coffee..!

* INGREDIENTS - Hydrating electrolytes | 200mg caffeine per can | Vegan, gluten free, dairy free | Ketofriendly 0g sugar.

* DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE — Unlock the power of coffee to give you an edge throughout your day. Oaza tackles common causes of low energy (dehydration and electrolyte imbalances) and provides a strong kick of natural caffeine to help you get dialed in and stay there.
* ELECTROLYTE DRIVEN HYDRATION — Oaza infuses cold brew with a blend of electrolytes to help regulate fluid levels and keep your body functioning at peak performance throughout the day; without the crash you get from other coffee and energy drinks.
* COLD BREW COFFEE — Oaza Electrolyte Infused Cold Brew is made from fair-trade, organic coffee perfectly roasted to make a cold brew that’s refreshing and hydrating with no bitter, acidic taste. Lower in acid, Oaza is gentler on your stomach and great anytime of the day.
* OAT MILK — Oat milk offers the cleanest, most sustainable way to flavor your coffee. Unlike other oat milks, Oaza has no added sugar so you get all the creaminess without the carbs. Smooth and creamy, and extremely chuggable.
* ZERO SUGAR & KETO FRIENDLY - Low in carbs and infused with electrolytes, Oaza helps to keep your electrolytes balanced while in ketosis to maintain your energy levels and prevent the dreaded Keto Flu. Oaza is sweetened with naturally sugar-free monk fruit
to get a touch of sweetness without the damaging effects and calories in sugar.


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Cold Brew
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Can (Tinned)
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United States



About Us

Our Story
“Our solution starts with a simple but overlooked problem: there is a disconnect between hydration and energy. For two years, Jeff traveled back and forth between New York and Las Vegas for business trips every week. As he grew mentally and physically tired, he reached for more and more coffees. But he felt the same, if not worse. One day he finally realized why: coffee had the energy he wanted but none of the hydration he needed. That simple problem inspired Oaza, which means “oasis,” a place where you are refreshed and reenergized for the journey ahead.”

Our Values
Our mission is to brew coffee that you, your body, and the planet love.

We're committed to doing our part to solve the environmental crisis. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we've partnered with Pure Water for the World to bring safe water and sanitation solutions to communities in Central America and Haiti.

Our all-natural ingredients aren't just good for the planet, they're good for you too. We don't believe in loading up our coffees with artificial sweetners and preservatives. And we only use oat milk and other plant-based ingredients, so all of our coffees are entirely vegan. All of our flavors use only a handful of ingredients and naturally-derived electrolytes to give you the cleanest energy boost you can find.

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