Metal wire acrylic adhesive nail tool piece fastening from Japan (11000001834066)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Adhesive fixing without anchors!

Prevents multifunction devices from moving or falling over due to earthquakes!
・No drilling work required due to the use of strong adhesive pads.
・No need to drill holes as strong adhesive pads are used.
・No removal marks left.

Sales results
Over 50,000 units sold in Japan

Customers in Japan
Our products are used in the production lines of major automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers.
It is also used in various industries such as medical care, food factories, semiconductor factories, and distribution warehouses.

People who are in charge of environmental improvement in factories
Those in charge of BCP measures
Those in charge of safety measures.
Those in charge of earthquake countermeasures

Can be used in places where anchor bolts cannot be used due to adhesive fixation
Can be used on the second floor or in precision factories

Product Overview
・This product is designed to prevent multifunctional printers from moving or tipping over due to
This product prevents multifunction devices from moving or tipping over due to earthquakes by
wrapping a wire connected to a disk fixed to the floor with adhesive around the caster.
・The product is easy to install using adhesive pads and does not require large-scale work such as
anchor fixing.
・Of the four casters, only one is fixed to the floor with adhesive pads, so the casters can move on that
axis by the length of the wire. The casters can be moved only by the length of the wire on that axis,
thereby acting as a seismic isolator to release the force of an earthquake.
This will reduce the load on the multifunction machine.
・Two types are available: MW-001 (total length: approx. 280 mm) and MW-003 (total length: approx.
340 mm).

・Click here for examples of quake-resistant products for offices.

・Click here for examples of earthquake-resistant products for factories.

・Click here for examples of quake-resistant products for warehouses.

We have earthquake-resistant products to meet your needs, so please contact us.

Product HP:

Main unit x 1 - Disk with adhesive pad x 1 - Metal wire set x 1
 - 1 set of screws x 1 
Attachment・・・Primer B×1
Treated steel plate, metal wire, plated screws, acrylic adhesive
Approximate size and weight
MW-001: Approximate size: approx. 284 mm x 80 mm x 35 mm, 
Weight: approx. 480 g 
MW-003: Approximate size: approx. 384 mm x 80 mm x 35 mm, 
Weight: approx. 480 kg
Object weight
Operating environment temperature
Seismic intensity
Seismic intensity 6 and above
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Applicable adhesive pads
MW-001, 003・・・LQ-25

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