30g Tins Matcha Otuka Organic Matcha USDA and JAS and Euro Leaf Original paper label support

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Oganic Matcha Green Tea

Ceremony Grade Matcha Tea !

Matcha is one of the worlds healthiest drink

matcha is a finely ground on a stone mill from GYOKURO green tea and it contains alot of minerals, such as Theanine(amino acid),Caffeine,tannin and vitamin C.
Also you can take fiber and chlorophyll which cleans your body of all impurities like chemical toxins and heavy metal 




Oragnic Matcha Green Tea Quality

Origin : Japan Shizuoka

Type : Green Tea Matcha Powder 

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How to make of Matcha


Step 1 : Scoop one tea spoon of Matcha powder in to the Matcha bowl


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Step 2 : Drop 70ml of 70 ° C - 80 ° C water into the Matcha bowl(Tea Cup)


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Step 3 : Whisk back and forth for 1 - 2 minutes and make small bubbles





One Can contains 30g.

The order price is $6 - 7 per 

The MOQ is 10 Cans.

Can Size : 65mm (Hight) x 59mm (Width)

Raw Material : Pure 1st green tea leaf made in Japan

Origin : Japan Shizuoka

Notes : OEM products with original labels



Nutrition Fact

<Ingredient Analysis (100g)>

Energy : 324kcal / 1356KJ

Water : 5g

Proteins : 29.6g

Fat : 5.3g

Triacylglycerol equivalent : 3.3g

Carbohydrates : 39.5g

Ash : 7.4g

Sodium : 6mg

Potassium : 2700mg

Calcium : 420mg

Magnesium : 230mg

Phosphorus : 350mg

Iron : 17mg

Zinc : 6.3mg

Copper : 0.6mg

Vitamin A (beta-carotene equivalent) : 2900ug

Vitamin A (rutinol active equivalent) : 240ug

Vitamin E : 28.1mg

Vitamin K : 290ug

Vitamin B1 : 0.6mg

Vitamin B2 : 1.35mg

Niacin : 4mg

Niacin equivalent : 12mg

Vitamin B6 : 0.96mg

Folic acid : 120ug

pantothenic acid : 3.7mg

Vitamin C : 60mg

Saturated fatty acids : 0.68g

Monounsaturated fatty acids : 0.34g

Polyunsaturated fatty acid : 2.16g

Cholesterol : 0g

Dietary fiber : 38.5g


Factory and Tea Plantation


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JAS Organic / USDA Organic / Euro Organic


 HACCP Certified

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Company Advantages

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Shipping Companies



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How to order

<30g Can>

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 <100g aluminium stand packs with zip >

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